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Skyline von Abu Dhabi bei Nacht, Bild: ventdusud/shutterstock

The most beautiful sights in Abu Dhabi

For many travel enthusiasts, Abu Dhabi is a particularly dazzling metropolis that combines tradition and modernity. Abu Dhabi is part of the United Arab Emirates and is the largest emirate of the seven emirates. This destination is known as cosmopolitan and modern at the same time. The magical world of the desert alone captivates numerous holidaymakers, because the vast desert exudes an incomparably exotic and adventurous flair.

Of course, Abu Dhabi also offers very special highlights. These are considered a guide when it comes to targeted excursion planning before the holiday or directly on site. If you then consider in this context that the entire metropolis was created virtually from nothing, you will certainly be able to take a completely different perspective on this holiday destination and be even more impressed. Superlatives accompany the daily travel routine here at every turn, although this applies to the numerous amusement and entertainment parks as well as to the architectural masterpieces and the natural beauty of the incomparable desert region.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque – a building of superlatives

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Image: ventdusud / shutterstock

At the golden hour just before sunset, this special mosque is particularly magical and impressive. Therefore, vacationers can best time the excursion so that they visit this monument of architecture exactly at that hour, because this is guaranteed to be a highlight of Abu Dhabi. The building is the eighth largest mosque in the world and also has the largest carpet in the world, which is still hand-knotted. The largest chandelier in the world can also be found here. In view of these exorbitant impressions, many tourists are speechless. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque – definitely worth a trip. The building itself is also unparalleled and exudes great splendor and beauty

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Louvre Abu Dhabi for art lovers

Another highlight is the Louvre Abu Dhabi , which is located in the middle of the desert and should be of particular interest to art lovers. Inside the building, there are 13 rooms available, which provide a fascinating overview of the history of art. If you are interested in a ticket, it is best to book it online in advance and thus avoid the queue at the ticket office.

Pure luxury – The Emirates Place Hotel

Emirates Place Hotel, Abu Dhabi
The Emirates Place Hotel, Image: Diego Grandi / shutterstock

The Emirates Place Hotel is certainly hard to beat in terms of luxury and elegance. Aesthetes will get their money’s worth here and can simply visit and marvel at this very special hotel, in contrast to the Burj al Arab. The magnificent entrance hall alone casts a spell over every visitor and visual sensory intoxication. This building is more of a tourist attraction than a pure hotel.

AL Mina Fish Market – a special kind of harbour atmosphere

Directly at the port of Abu Dhabi there is a magical, well-arranged fish market. Not only can you find the freshest goods here, but also the entire flair is so impressive and atmospheric that this visit is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. And then there is the fact that fish lovers can buy a fish of their choice here and bring it with them to one of the restaurants. (Applies especially to those restaurants on the edge of the market.) The special thing about this port is that there is a particularly authentic flair here and is still a bit of an insider tip for many travel fans.

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Ferrari World for motor fans

If you are interested in the world of engines and have a soft spot for speed, you definitely can’t miss Ferrari World. Here visitors marvel at a huge amusement park, which is certainly second to none, because it is the largest covered theme park there is. Racing is the topic here at all, which should make many a man’s and women’s heart beat faster. The racing taster courses and the Ferrari exhibition are particularly popular here. The absolute highlight is the fastest roller coaster in the world.

The most popular highlights of Abu Dhabi

Certainly, the bottom line is that there are other sights available in Abu Dhabi and ultimately it is up to your own taste which of the locations are visited. If you don’t just want to rake off one tourist attraction after another, but want to gain really intense holiday experiences, it’s better to focus on quality instead of quantity. This gives you enough time to fully enjoy the works of art, architectural masterpieces, markets, entertainment centres and the like and thus keep them in your memory forever. Especially here in one of the most breathtaking desert regions of all, travelers experience a feast for the senses and a frenzy of magnificent colors, spices, shapes and sounds.