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Mit dem Cabrio Deutschland erkunden, Bild: oneinchpunch / shutterstock

The most beautiful convertible tours through Germany

Germany is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The reason lies in its varied landscapes in a small area and the testimonies of an eventful history. Particularly popular are the more than 150 holiday routes, which not only offer wonderful views to the left and right of the road. It is not uncommon for it to be worth taking a look up. A tour with the convertible also offers a good portion of freedom.

Discoveries in the North

Holsten Gate in Lübeck
The Holsten Gate in Lübeck, Image: foto-select / shutterstock

A fresh breeze of wind and the unmistakable scent of the sea are the pleasant companions on the Nordic UNESCO route. If you want to use the entire 557 kilometers, rent your convertible and drive to the start in Cuxhaven on the coast of Lower Saxony. Before starting the trip, it is worth taking a mudflat hike. In addition to the magnificent dunes and beaches, there are some highlights waiting on the route.

The first stage town with UNESCO World Heritage is Bremen’s old town, whose highlights are the town hall and the Roland statue. Visitors should also not miss the Bremen Town Musicians. From the metropolis on the Weser for the journey to Lübeck. In the city on the Baltic Sea, not only the Holsten Gate and the marzipan are known. It is called the “City of Seven Spires” and has a center worth seeing, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A stroll through the old alleys and a break in one of the inviting cafés is definitely worthwhile.

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The Baltic Sea coast is one of the most scenic areas in Germany. The journey leads through pretty small towns and villages, the beaches invite you to stop over again and again. Occupants of a convertible enjoy the beautiful avenues that protect against too much sunlight. On the route are charming cities such as Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund, which deserve a stay. Then it’s off to the island of Rügen. The Jassmund National Park is known for its chalk cliffs and has been a World Heritage Site since 2011. Further south, traditional seaside resorts with wonderful piers invite you to take a dip.

Sharp curves and historical flair: the Kyffhäuser Mountains

Before the actual round, it is not only worth taking a walk through the starting point Eisenach, but also a visit to the Wartburg Castle. Then the journey starts in the direction of Duderstadt, which is located west of the Kyffhäuser. The city enchants with a largely preserved medieval center. Most of the buildings are half-timbered buildings. Worth seeing are the town hall, the Basilica of St. Cyriakus and the Westerturm. The route leads eastwards over winding roads to Bad Frankenhausen in the Kyffhäuser Mountains.

North of it is the popular holiday area at the Kelbra dam. It is only a few kilometres on the winding Bundesstraße 85 to the impressive Kyffhäuser monument. There is also a lot to see underground, for example in the Barbarossa Cave. Bad Frankenhausen is a well-known brine bath, which has a graduation tower in the spa gardens. Via Bad Langensalza, the path leads to the Hainich National Park, a forest with ancient beech trees that is a World Heritage Site. It is worthwhile to take a walk on the treetop walk before returning to Eisenach.

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Fantastic other convertible routes

Germany has numerous other beautiful convertible routes. One of them is the German Alleestraße, which leads from the island of Rügen to Baden-Württemberg. If you like the mountains, you can drive from Lindau to Berchtesgaden along the German Alpine roads through a fantastic mountain landscape. The German Hop Road leads through the lovely hilly country of the Hallertau, past green hop gardens, from Freising to Abensberg. The best way to enjoy the beautiful nature is in a convertible.