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Die passenden Schuhe für den Urlaub, Bild: Youproduction / shutterstock

The best shoes for travel and hiking

When you’re planning a trip, two things are particularly important: the right clothing and the right footwear. The latter in particular is important, as many kilometres are often covered on foot when travelling. If you wear the wrong footwear, blisters and pressure points on your feet can be painful consequences.

Our feet have the important task of carrying us everywhere. Make sure you treat them well to prevent discomfort. In this article, we explain what is important when buying and equipping perfectly fitting footwear.

The most important things in brief: What makes good footwear?

There are so many different shoes on the market today that it is often difficult to choose. If you pay attention to the following criteria, nothing can go wrong:

  • Breathable materials: Your feet must have enough air to “breathe” in the shoes. Preferably choose a lightweight mesh fabric to ensure this.
  • High-quality sole: A high-quality sole is characterized by being stable and compliant at the same time. In this way, it optimally supports the rolling movement of your feet. Depending on whether you prefer to be in the city or in nature, you should pay attention to different features of the sole. For example, springy soles are better suited for running on firm surfaces, such as asphalt or stones. If you want to go to the mountains instead, you should make sure that the sole has a non-slip and stable profile.
  • Low weight: Especially when it comes to a trip, you should keep in mind that you also have to transport the shoes. Lightweight models that you can carry in your suitcase or backpack are ideal for this.

A tip: Not only the soles of shoes, but also insoles can make walking more comfortable. You can find high-quality insoles from various providers on the Internet.

Shoes for travel: This is what matters

It is always important to pay attention to the right footwear in the interests of foot health . When traveling, it has even more importance. Only when your shoes are both comfortable and comfortable can you really enjoy discovery tours and extensive hikes.

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1. Right size

There are many criteria that you should pay attention to when buying shoes for the trip . The most important thing, however, is the right size. If a shoe doesn’t fit properly, you won’t find a grip in it and will therefore have a hard time walking. The so-called thumb test is an ideal method for determining size. So there should still be about a thumb’s width of space in front of your big toe. This distance is also known as an encore. If you don’t pay attention to it, your toes will bump against the toe cap, which can be very uncomfortable when running for a long time.

Depending on the type of footwear you choose, there are certain things to consider when determining the size :

  • Ballerinas, pumps or men’s loafers: These shoes are cut out in the instep area, which is why a smaller allowance is sufficient here. Otherwise, you run the risk of not finding enough grip in it.
  • Winter boots: You’ll probably wear these with insoles or at least thick soles to protect yourself from the cold. Ideally, you should take a pair of socks with you to try them on.

Also, keep in mind that shoe sizes can vary slightly to greatly depending on the brand. For many people, the size of the right and left foot also differs. That’s why it’s important that you always try on both shoes when trying them out. Slight differences can be easily compensated for with a leather insole .

To check the correct length , it is important that the shoes are not only tried on while sitting. Get up and walk around a bit so that all your weight is on your feet. This is the only way to get a realistic impression of how much your feet are pushed forward within the shoe. If you hit the toe cap of the shoes with your toes, they are too short. If, on the other hand, you lack support, you should choose a size smaller.

2. Convenience

When we travel, we usually discover new places and landscapes. This can only be fun and relaxing with a comfortable pair of shoes, because they carry you reliably through cities, forests and mountainous regions. How comfortable a shoe is is largely determined by the following factors:

  • good fit
  • very good padding
  • Adequate support for your feet
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Even before you go on holiday, you should walk in your shoes. Don’t plan long hikes yet, but wear the shoes on the way to work or in the garden, for example. This way you will quickly notice if they do not fit properly or cause pressure points. Depending on the activities you have planned for your vacation, you can choose either sandals, sneakers, or light walking shoes for your trip.

3. Consider climate and location

The holiday destination and the climatic conditions are also important for the choice of holiday shoes. If you prefer to visit cold regions where the temperatures are below freezing, you should pay attention to cushioned and waterproof shoes . In tropical and warm holiday regions, on the other hand, light and breathable shoes are well suited.

The terrain should not be ignored either. While hiking boots are best suited in mountainous regions, light sneakers or sandals are ideal for walks on the beach.

Storing and caring for shoes properly

Finally, we would like to give you tips on how to transport your shoes. After all, shoes can only serve faithfully if they are treated well. It is best to carry your shoes in a breathable jute bag to avoid waterlogging, which often occurs in plastic bags.

If you are planning a longer trip, you should take good care of your shoes beforehand and carry care products, such as waterproofing spray. These not only ensure that your shoes always look good, but also protect them from moisture and dust. Between your hikes , you should also remove the coarse dirt from the shoes and then apply a shoe polish.

The conclusion: Only travel with the right footwear!

Shoes are the be-all and end-all on every trip, so make sure that they are not only the right size, but also that they are of high quality. Depending on which region you want to travel to and what the climatic conditions are like there, you should choose either light or robust footwear.

The sole plays a special role, because it forms the foundation of every footwear. In addition, there are insoles that provide better grip and can thus prevent foot problems, for example.