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Nachhaltiger Urlaub auf den Seychellen, Bild: 22Images Studio / shutterstock

Take a sustainable holiday: The Seychelles show how it’s done!

Fantastically beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise sea and tropical vegetation: this is what awaits holidaymakers in the Seychelles. The archipelago on the east coast of Africa is a popular travel destination and can be reached within half a day’s travel from Germany. In addition to its incredible flora and fauna, the Seychelles inspire with one thing above all: sustainability. The archipelago was named the most sustainable destination in the Indian Ocean at the 2020 World Travel Awards . This aspect is becoming increasingly important for many holidaymakers, because they do not want to pollute the environment of these dreamlike places with their visit. We reveal why this works so well in the Seychelles and why the archipelago is perfect for ecotourism!

Sustainable tropical paradise with a short flight distance

For Germans, the Seychelles are a popular travel destination for several reasons. One of them is the good accessibility, because from Germany the islands can be reached within half a day. If you fly e.g. from Frankfurt, you only have to change planes once in Dubai, the flight time is – depending on the waiting time when changing planes – an average of 14 hours. What sounds a lot at first is much less than flying to the tropics of Southeast Asia, for example. This not only saves time and money, but also reduces the CO₂ impact of the flight. In terms of price, flights differ depending on the day of the week and season, which is why it is worth comparing prices on comparison sites such as Opodo DE . There, travelers can select entire months and see at a glance on which day the ticket is cheapest. So if you have flexible travel days, it’s best to get out financially. Sustainable hotels and electric rental cars and the like are also waiting on the platform. An absolute eco-tip is, for example, the Hotel North Island, which is located on its own private island and scores with sustainable architecture and a sophisticated environmental concept. If that’s too expensive for you, you can also consider the Les Lauriers Eco Hotel or the Isla Holiday Home.

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Foundation ensures sustainability in tourism

Anse Intendance, Seychelles
Anse Intendance on Mahe, Seychelles, Image: haveseen / shutterstock

The Seychelles received the award as a sustainable destination for good reason, because there are many local people involved in ecotourism. The archipelago even has its own foundation, which brings together both business and politics with science and the private sector and works on joint solutions for environmental protection. Measures such as the ban on plastic straws and bags as disposable products have been in place there for several years, which has reduced the amount of waste that often ends up in the sea.

The ocean is also protected by an initiative that many holidaymakers may not have even thought of. Every year, about 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in the sea, becoming a burden on the sensitive ecosystem of coral reefs. That’s why the foundation provides information about coral-friendly sunscreen and tries to motivate visitors to use it. Companies that support the protection of the oceans are also supported by subsidies.

Traveling sustainably is no longer so easy in times of mass tourism. However, the Seychelles show how it can be done and have thus become an international role model. With a strong environmental concept, subsidies for companies that strive to protect the oceans, and its own foundation, which stands as a connecting link between business, politics and science, you can pay a visit to the archipelago with a clear conscience!