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Auf einer Weltreise verschiedene Kulturen kennen lernen, Bild: Zarya Maxim Alexandrovich / shutterstock

Subletting the apartment during the world trip: Travelers should pay attention to this

Anyone who sets off on a trip around the world or a sabbatical year usually has to continue paying their rent. However, a look at the costs that can arise in the context of longer absences shows that travelers’ budgets are often heavily burdened.

Accordingly, it is understandable that many of those affected are looking for savings potential. Is it possible to sublet your own apartment during your holiday? But what details does this option actually depend on? And what should those who are considering taking advantage of this opportunity pay attention to?

The following sections provide exciting tips on this and show that it can definitely be worthwhile to think outside the box when looking for additional income during a longer absence.

Tip No. 1: Sort out “sensitive” items

Regardless of whether those who become subtenants belong to one’s own circle of acquaintances or not, there are certainly some pieces of furniture and objects that need to be protected in a special way during the period of absence. These have to be sorted out in order to store them temporarily, for example in a self-storage facility in Dresden.

In this context, it is particularly practical that many storage options of this kind have become much more flexible over time. This gives both private individuals and businesses the opportunity to rent space in different sizes individually and then vacate them again at the desired time after their return.

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Tip No. 2: Be sure to get permission from the landlord

As uncomplicated as it can be to earn money by subletting an apartment, you basically need the permission of the owner or landlord to be able to use this potential source of income.

Further information on this can usually be found in the rental agreement. If you are unsure, you should definitely talk to them in person to prevent problems.

Tip No. 3: Define important ground rules

“What do I expect from my subtenant?”, “What is he allowed to do?” and “What is he not allowed to do?” – these are three of many questions that need to be considered in the course of the corresponding preparations.

To avoid having to define everything for yourself during the first “job interviews”, it makes sense for tenants to think about rules and obligations in advance, but of course also about rights.

Those who prepare themselves accordingly ultimately benefit from being able to appear a little more self-confident in conversation with the potential subtenant.

Tip No. 4: Have several preliminary conversations if necessary

Whether on holiday in Latvia, on one of the German beaches or in the south: Certainly, no one wants to have to worry about their living area not being used properly during their absence. This means, among other things, that the gut feeling must be right.

Anyone who notices that they have doubts about the seriousness and reliability of a potential subtenant should definitely take time to have further discussions. In this context, it often becomes apparent that there should be no shortage of “applicants”. Nowadays, many people, especially in the big cities, use subletting to live cheaply (and perhaps also largely centrally) over a certain period of time.

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Tip No. 5: Write everything down

A written contract between subtenant and tenant helps to prevent misunderstandings as best as possible. Those who, for example, have decided to make their apartment available for a certain period of time in one of the districts of Wuppertal or in another region, can find sample contracts on the Internet. However, it is possible that the landlord also insists on a certain wording?

What is certain is that contracts of this kind are anything but bourgeois. Rather, they protect both parties and help to work through important questions about any damage, the rental period and the costs.


Subletting an apartment is a practical source of income that can provide more money in the household and travel budget. Despite all the enthusiasm, it is important to ensure the right framework conditions in advance in order to create the basis for a perhaps even more relaxed holiday in the second step.