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Smoking on holiday – where is what allowed?

With regard to smoking, there are relatively mild rules and restrictions in Germany compared to many other countries in Europe and the world. Those who smoke at home also want to smoke on holiday and non-smokers do not want to become passive smokers on holiday. It is precisely they who benefit from the bans, because in more and more countries smoking is even banned in hotels.

Greece – strict rules on smoking protection

There are no other European country with as many smokers as Greece. Nevertheless, strict rules for the protection of non-smokers came into force in 2010. At the end of 2019, the state even announced a further tightening of the rules. Anyone who violates these, e.g. if you smoke in a public building or even in your own car – if there are children – then a high fine is due. These strict measures are aimed at getting the high smoking rate under control.

The small island of Astypalea is setting a good example, as it wants to become the first smoke-free island in the world. In addition to the countless cigarette butts on the beach, well-being and quality of life were the decisive points.

Holidaymakers can reach the wasteland in the Aegean Sea, which is not even 100 square kilometres in size, by ferry or plane from other Greek (airport) ports such as e.g. Athens. The complicated journey is accompanied by turquoise seas, climbing trails along the white limestone cliffs and sandy beaches. For smokers for whom quitting smoking is out of the question, there is an alternative: snus.

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What is snus?

But what is snus? This is an oral tobacco product whose first recipes date back to the 18th century. When enjoying snus, it is placed under the upper lip. The snus contains nicotine and this is released through the saliva. Snus consists of tobacco, water, salt and flavors and is available in different flavors.

Italy is vying for the favor of non-smokers

Sunbathing in Calabria, island happiness in Sardinia and pizza in Naples: Italy is vying for the favour of non-smokers. Unexpectedly, Italy has the strictest non-smoker protection law in all of Europe. If someone is caught smoking in a public building in Italy , the smoker is made to pay. But not only the smoker has to pay, but also the operator. If there are repeated violations in the facility, then the operator can be threatened with a license violation, just like in Norway .

But in Italy there are still separate smoking areas. Even in hotels there are smoking rooms, although the number is vanishingly small. Holidaymakers in Italy should be able to enjoy their time in the country as smoke-free as possible. If you want to be on the safe side, you expressly book a non-smoking room.

Holidays in Germany – smoke-free

When it comes to spending a smoke-free holiday in your own country, you are usually drawn to the North Sea and Baltic Sea. There are more and more hotels there that are absolutely non-smoking, both indoors and outdoors. Thus, it is easy to spend a smoke-free holiday in Germany . And the fact that it is so smoke-free in Germany is thanks to the Federal Non-Smoker Protection Act, which has been in force since September 2007.

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More and more people appreciate “clean” air

Not only non-smokers value a smoke-free environment, but also many smokers. This has been the case, at least since the time when the German law on the protection of non-smokers came into force. Since then, more and more people have appreciated the “clean” air. In addition, clothes and hair no longer smell of old smoke and even breathing is easier after an evening in the bar.

But the fact is that there are countries where there are still no laws to protect non-smokers or there are exceptions that still allow unrestricted smoking in some public places. For non-smokers, hotel rooms in which a smoker has previously spent his vacation are particularly difficult to bear.