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Die Skyline von Singapur, Bild: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Singapore – The City of Millions in Paradise

It is not for nothing that the small city-state of Singapore is a destination for many Asian vacationers. Singapore brings together the multitude of Asian nationalities on a small island south of mainland Malaysia. Once a somewhat run-down port city and former colonial metropolis, the island is now a modern city, often referred to as “Asia light”. Singapore is not only very clean, it is also just a bit easier than other Asian countries. English is spoken and the variety of nationalities ensures that practically everyone will find their own little paradise here. With the temples of almost every religion, the impressive Marina Bay and the various city districts, it has become a world metropolis that should not be missing from any Asian traveler’s itinerary.

Singapore on top
View of Singapore from above, Image: Maylat / shutterstock

In addition to the more than 5 million inhabitants, more than 13 million tourists are added every year. Nevertheless, you hardly feel any hectic or stress when visiting the island. Courteous service in the hotels and shops and well-organized buses and trains ensure that you quickly feel at home in Singapore. The modern shopping centres are always air-conditioned and also offer Europeans everything their hearts desire. But Singapore, with its colorful mix of different nationalities, also offers a typical Asian culture. Here, Chinese, Malays and Indians live very tolerantly with each other and the holidays are also made up of each of the cultures.

Tradition and modernity in Singapore

Singapore Boat
Image: Efired / shutterstock

Like hardly any other city, tradition and modernity come together in Singapore. Almost right next to the historic hotel “The Raffles” is the financial and economic center with its glittering skyscrapers and skyscrapers. The modern shopping centres on Orchid Road are popular with locals and tourists alike, as is Marina Bay with the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Marina Bay Street Circuit. A popular photo motif here are the colorfully illuminated artificial flowers made of steel and glass and the mascot of Singapore, the Merlion, with the city skyline in the background. Typical of Singapore are also the different neighborhoods that embody the lives of their inhabitants. Whether it’s Little India with its Sri Veeramakaliamman temples, the Arab quarter of Kampong Glam or Chinatown, Singapore unites Asia in a very small area.

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But you don’t have to do without a nightlife either. In addition to Mohamed Sultan Road, the two entertainment districts on the Singapore River are also a popular destination for holidaymakers and locals with their many different bars, pubs and restaurants. The city’s rich history, on the other hand, can be experienced up close in the colonial quarter with the old parliament, Fort Canning and the cricket club. Families with children love the excursion island of Sentosa with its attractions, which include a walk-in aquarium, the Butterfly Park and the Vulcanoland theme park.

Travel information Singapore

Capital Singapore
Form of government Republic
Parliamentary illiberal democracy
Currency Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Area approx. 719 km²
Population approx. 5,607,300 (2016 est.)
Languages Tamil, Malay, Chinese, and English
Electricity grid 230 volts, 50 Hz
Area code +65
Time zone UTC+8