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Blick auf die Skyline von Shanghai, Bild: zhao jiankang / shutterstock

Shanghai – the city of many skyscrapers

Shanghai, the modern metropolis of millions, is the largest city in China with its almost twenty million inhabitants and has the largest port in the world. What is particularly impressive about the city are the many huge buildings and skyscrapers.

The Shanghai Tower – above the rooftops of the city

Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower, Image: Vladimir ZH / shutterstock

The gigantic skyscraper is one of Shanghai’s most important landmarks. With a total height of 632 meters, it is the largest building in China and the third tallest building with the highest observation deck in the world. The tower has 128 floors plus five more floors located in the basement.

With the fastest elevator in the world, visitors can reach the observation deck on the 118th floor. floor at an altitude of 546 meters in less than a minute. Another viewpoint is located at 121. floor at an altitude of 562 meters and offers visitors a breathtaking view over the huge city and the many skyscrapers, which seem rather tiny and like toys with their height of at least 15 meters.

The Yu Yuan Garden – an oasis to relax in Shanghai

The over 400-year-old Yu Yuan Garden is one of the most famous gardens in the country and has even been on the list of monuments of China since 1982. It has been open to the public since 1961 and attracts not only a number of tourists every day, but also many locals who are looking for peace and relaxation here.

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The park is about 20,000 square meters in size and divided into six areas with various halls, traditional buildings, landscaped ponds with goldfish, rock gardens, pavilions, bridges and a fascinating plant life. The oldest tree is said to be the gingko tree. It was planted with the creation of the garden over 400 years ago.

Also impressive is the limestone rock over twelve meters high with its caves and paths, as well as the heart of the garden, the jade stone, which is over three meters high and weighs five tons. It is not only an interesting photo motif because of its 72 holes, but also gets a magical appearance when an incense stick is held under the stone. So the smoke rises from all the holes. It looks like a unique fountain when water flows over the stone from above.

Just outside the entrance of the garden is Shanghai’s oldest teahouse, Huxinting, and is located in the middle of a large lake. It can be reached via a zigzag bridge, which was specially built to keep evil spirits away. The Chinese believe that ghosts can only move in a straight line. Also in front of the entrance to the garden is the Yu Yuan Bazaar with several stalls and souvenir shops.

The Jin Mao Tower – pure thrill

Jin Mao Tower
The Jin Mao Tower, Image: Bill Perry / shutterstock

With its 88 floors, the skyscraper, which is over 420 meters high, is not one of the largest buildings in Shanghai, but it is no less exciting. The building was completed in 1998 and is equipped with about 20 escalators and more than 60 elevators. On the 57th floor, there is a swimming pool at a height of 250 meters, making it the highest swimming pool in a building in the world. Two elevators transport visitors to the 88th floor to the indoor viewing platform at a height of about 340 meters in just 45 seconds, which offers space for more than 1,000 guests with a size of about 1,500 square meters.

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Outside the window front of the platform is a 60-metre-long and 1.20-metre-wide walkway. If you are brave, you can only walk along the footbridge attached to a rope and with climbing harnesses.

Another small highlight of the tower is the post office, which is also located on the 88th floor. This gives visitors the opportunity to send their loved ones a postcard with greetings directly from the viewing platform.

The Bund (Waitan) – the most famous waterfront in China

When visiting Shanghai, a walk along the almost three-kilometer-long waterfront should not be missed. It is the landmark and heart of the city and invites you to shop and linger while strolling with many shops and restaurants. The historic buildings along the bustling waterfront are just as impressive as the fascinating skyline on the opposite side of the river. Especially in the evening, when everything is illuminated, the visitor is offered a fantastic picture. The most beautiful pictures can be taken from the Waibaidu Bridge.

To relax after a walk along the promenade, take a boat ride on the Huangpu River or take a break at the northern end of the promenade. There is a small, lovingly landscaped green area.

Another small experience is the tunnel ride. In less than five minutes, visitors can get to the other side of the river, accompanied by colorful lights, where Shanghai’s tallest buildings are located, the Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center and Shanghai’s television tower, the Oriental Pearl Tower.