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Laufen rund um Lübeck, Bild: NDAB Creativity / shutterstock

Running around Lübeck – The best trails

If you want to explore the area around Lübeck up close and with a sporting activity, jogging and walking are ideal for this, because there are a whole range of interesting running routes around Lübeck.

Here you can find out which running and jogging routes are particularly recommended and what you should take with you when running if you are still a beginner. If you already know what you need, you can scroll down to our top 3 route suggestions.

What to take with you

Before you just start walking, you should think about what you need and want to take with you on the road. The following tips can help you think of everything and do without everything superfluous.

Light luggage is preferable

Under no circumstances should you take a fully packed backpack with you. Always limit yourself to the most important things. A small fanny pack or a functional vest with many pockets is better than heavy bags or even a backpack that only hinders you while running.

Running belts are also useful helpers, offering small pockets for storing keys and other utensils as well as space for attaching a water bottle.

The most important utensils

Beginners in particular often don’t know what they should really take with them for running. The most important utensils are certainly a sports bra for women and good running socks, a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker as well as functional shirts and pants for all runners. If you want to use an app for your smartphone, you must of course also take your mobile phone with you. For this purpose, a pocket close to the body is recommended so that the mobile phone does not interfere with running.

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In addition, on sunny days, it is recommended to bring sunscreen and sunglasses, as well as a headband, cap and perhaps a running belt to which you can attach a drink bottle. If you want to take care products such as refreshing wipes or a deodorant with you, you should pay attention to small package sizes and not take deodorant spray with you, but rather a roll-on deodorant. Recommendations and test reports on dermarollers can be found in this article.

If you want to motivate yourself and energize yourself, sports headphones (preferably well-fitting in-ear headphones) as well as energy or muesli bars are also recommended. For running in the evening, a headband with headlamp may also be recommended.

The footwear

Holsten Gate
The Holsten Gate in Lübeck, Image: foto-select / shutterstock

When running, good footwear is indispensable. For most beginners, a well-cushioned footbed and good cushioning of the outsole are recommended, which supports your personal running style. It is important that you can step and roll well. Too much damping should be avoided as well as too little damping.

In addition, good stability for the ankles is important. If you run in a natural environment, you should also rely on functional materials such as water-repellent Gore-Tex fabrics for the shoes. This keeps them breathable and still water-repellent.

The three best running routes in and around Lübeck

We have briefly summarized which routes are recommended and also worthwhile for beginners for you here.

1. Lift bridge – 45 minutes, 7.4 kilometres, low gradient

The running route is considered to be of medium difficulty and leads almost exclusively along well-paved and easily accessible paths. Nevertheless, we recommend sturdy shoes with high tread resistance. The circular route begins and ends at the lift bridge and leads along the Elbe-Lübeck Canal to the Stecknitzstraße bridge, where you change sides of the canal and walk along the bank past the rest area on the Way of St. James and along the Glitter Bridge back to the starting point.

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2. Hermannshöhe – 2 hours, 17.5 kilometres, medium gradient

If you like it a little more close to nature, you will get your money’s worth with the challenging running course, which starts at Travemünde beach. Via the rest areas Eule, Fuchs and Hase you continue along the shore to turn around at the corner of Strandstraße and Travemündener Landstraße and walk back on the right side of the beach via the path along the steep cliffs. With sturdy shoes and sufficient physical condition, the route can be done well even without special skills or previous knowledge.

3. St. Gertrud City Park Tour – 45 minutes, 6.6 kilometres, slight incline

The moderately difficult route offers very good conditions and leads mainly along well-paved paths. It is ideal to start at Bertramshof, from where you can cross the Wakenitz via Moltkestraße and walk right along the bank, parallel to Falkenstraße. In front of Gustav-Radbruch-Platz, turn right and walk along Roeckstraße to the circular path around the city park. Along the other bank of the Wakenitz you will then return to your starting point via Jürgen-Wullenwever-Straße.