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Viele Bürger träumen vom Auswandern. Wir haben beliebte Ziele zusammengefasst, Bild: Song_about_summer / shutterstock

Popular destinations to emigrate

Many citizens of our country do not even know it, but the German passport is one of the most precious passports in the world. As a visitor or immigrant from Germany, there are an incredible number of possibilities. With the help of a German passport, we can either visit a large number of countries or settle permanently in them – often even without a visa. Now there are quite a few people who are so dissatisfied with their living situation in Germany that they are seriously thinking about emigrating to another country. But at this point, many of these people are faced with the question of which country they want to settle in and start a new life. A question that is not easy to answer, as the answers to it are subjective in nature.

In the meantime, however, the “Expat Insider Report” of the “InterNations” network has taken up this question, and offers one or the other clue for potential, still undecided emigrants. Once a year, the team wants to find out which destinations for emigration are most popular for Germans, or where German emigrants feel most comfortable in their country. To this end, about 14,300 emigrated Germans in more than 195 countries will be interviewed as part of such a study. Within the latest surveys, however, some countries have emerged that apparently enjoy particularly great popularity among German emigrants. For many of these emigration destinations, it is a good idea to resort to cryptocurrencies as a means of financing. The best Bitcoin wallet will help you get involved in the adventure in the financial field as well.


Ecuador Landscape
Ecuador – A dreamlike and diverse landscape, Image: LighthunterWS / shutterstock

Some of these studies produced surprising results. Among other things, the small country of Ecuador was (and is) at the top of the popularity scale for German emigrants. The country, which is located in the northwestern part of South America, is apparently home to particularly lucky immigrants from Germany. Within the study, questions were asked about various circumstances, such as the financial situation in Ecuador, family and child friendliness, the possibility of making new local friends and even the length of the working days. All these things seem to be very well received by our immigrants in the small South American country. In addition, there are things like the beautiful landscape, the comparatively easy to learn language (Spanish), as well as the low cost of living.

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Mexico, Cancún
Mexico offers wonderful beaches, in this case Cancún. Image: SVongpra / shutterstock

Overall, the country may not enjoy the very best reputation in Central America. After all, there is regular news about violence, drug wars and poverty. But despite all this, Mexico also seems to be a country that German immigrants (according to the Expat Insider Report) like very much. A possible reason for this could be the Mexicans, who are said to be the friendly people of the world. There seems to be something to it, as it is precisely this friendliness of the locals that is very much appreciated by 90% of immigrants (whether German or not). Which, in turn, leads to a faster development of friendships.

Costa Rica

Landscape Costa Rica
Fantastic landscape in Costa Rica, Image: SeSm / shutterstock

Another country from Central America is also regularly at the forefront of this study: Costa Rica. The locals are also said to have a similar character to the Mexicans. Here, too, it should be comparatively easy to make new friends. In addition, Costa Rica has a few decisive advantages over Mexico: on the one hand, there are good economic opportunities for immigrants here, and on the other hand, the country is in a much more stable position than Mexico in terms of security. Numerous expats find many opportunities to lead a fulfilling life here. An emigrant reports that Costa Rica offers enormous freedom for such a beautiful life, while at the same time you are always surrounded by peaceful, happy and nice people.


View of Valletta, the capital of Malta, Image: krivinis/shutterstock

When it comes to the topic of “destinations for emigration”, experience has shown that European countries are not particularly high on the popularity scale for most Germans. One of the few exceptions is the small country of Malta – an island state in the south of Europe. Emigrants are not only offered attractive career opportunities here, but also good conditions in terms of work-life balance. The long time with sunshine should certainly be a decisive point. The health system in Malta is also considered to be above average, as well as the abundant selection of beautiful leisure activities in this southern European country.

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In return, however, the earning opportunities in Malta (at least for newcomers) seem to be somewhat less good. Many immigrants had stated that they would earn slightly less money in Malta than in their respective home countries. But they would accept this. This once again shows wonderfully that money is by no means everything in life. For example, good friendships are much more important – and according to various surveys, these can be found quite quickly in Malta.