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Die wunderschöne Insel Silhouette auf den Seychellen, Bild: Serge Vero / shutterstock

Paradise has a name: Silhoutte

The Seychelles, which are located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of South Africa, attract holiday-hungry people from all over the world. Silhouette, the third largest island in the inner Seychelles, has something to offer for travel-loving adventurers, nature lovers, hikers, divers and those seeking peace and quiet. It belongs to the archipelago around Mahé and is home to about 150 inhabitants on 20.1 km².

If you have always dreamed of paradise, you will be able to make your dream come true here. It does exist: the island with clean white sandy beaches, with fantastically beautiful coconut palms, attractive sandwood trees, fragrant orchids and exotic bread trees, with clear sea water and gentle waves.

If you want to spend a quiet time, plan a honeymoon or a relaxing wellness holiday, this dream island is just the right destination. A beach holiday is possible all year round, as temperatures never drop below 28 degrees Celsius.

93% of the total area of the island has been declared a nature reserve (Silhouette National Park). Furthermore, Silhouette includes a protected marine park, which is ideal for snorkeling or long dives.

The Seychelles are very popular because they are a safe holiday area. The archipelago is free of tropical diseases, crime, devastating natural phenomena and dangerous animals. Special vaccinations are just as unnecessary as a visa.

Silhouette – Impressive nature experiences

Warm, turquoise blue water and powdered sugar beaches are what make Silhouette so appealing. But the dream island has much more to offer: The unique flora and fauna not only inspires people interested in nature. The outstandingly beautiful tropical rainforest is home to centipedes, exotically colourful birds, harmless snakes and carnivorous pitcher plants. On the beach, you can see many a sea turtle and admire flying foxes hanging from the trees.

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The knee-deep, warm water in the sea is ideal for children. There are almost no waves. Only sandals or water shoes should not be dispensed with there, as there are some rocks and corals that could otherwise spoil the bathing pleasure.
Due to the protected marine park, you will unfortunately have to do without motorized water sports.

Wherever the eye looks, there are takamaka trees, cinnamon trees, vanilla bushes, coffee trees, limes, bitter oranges, papayas, mangoes and banana trees typical of the island.

Silhouette is also rightly called the island of turtles. With a bit of luck, you can observe the rare Aldabra giant tortoise. The endangered species has been successfully protected here.

Silhouette in the Seychelles
Image: swapnil haribhau arelkar / shutterstock

Here you can still find untouched nature, steep rocky coasts and extensive coral reefs.
Winding hiking trails lead through pineapple and vegetable plantations to hidden, dreamlike bays.

The underwater world has some surprises in store for you! Beautiful coral banks and colorful marine animals that can only be found here in the world are waiting for you.
The Divemaster diving school also offers night dives. With modern complete equipment, you can reach the most fascinating diving areas on earth in 15 – 30 minutes.

On a diving excursion you will be amazed by numerous tropical fish species. A total of 850 different species live in the waters off the island.

Exciting pirate adventures

Stories of a legendary pirate treasure that no one has unearthed to this day attract treasure hunters to the island.

The pirate Hodoul is said to have buried gold and diamonds here. But no one knows exactly where. Maybe you’ll be lucky digging for gold?

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Fantastically beautiful hikes

The paradisiacal island is ideal for hiking. Since it can get very hot and the humidity is very unusual for us Germans, it is essential to take water supplies with you. It is advisable to set off in the early hours of the morning.

An experienced guide is also recommended, as he makes the tours even more interesting than they already are.

On the entire island, which is still very original, there are neither roads nor cars.
The highest mountain in Silhouette is Mont Plaisir at 752 meters high. Its ascent is worthwhile: from the summit you have a fantastic view of the entire island and the Indian Ocean.

A special advantage for hiking in the Seychelles is that there are no aggressive wild animals, scorpions or other seriously poisonous animals in its jungle. This makes hiking very relaxed.

Delicious Creole cuisine

Let yourself be enchanted by culinary delights! On Silhoeutte there are Creole delicacies for gourmets. Bonito tuna, mackerel and octopus are served with rice, cassava, breadfruit or potatoes. You will be served with spicy sauces and chutneys.

They are particularly enthusiastic about the famous flying fox dishes. Local tropical fruits such as mangoes, papayas, mini bananas and coconuts round off the feast.

That all sounds too good to be true? Except for annoying little black mosquitoes, paradise seems to have come true here. Hardly any other island offers as many advantages as Silhoeutte. Provided you expect reliable sunshine, white dream beaches, turquoise blue sea and pure relaxation.