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Digitale Schnitzeljagd für die Reisebranche, Bild: Chanyanuch Wannasinlapin / shutterstock

New experience app for tourism businesses, agencies and private users

For professionals and leisure fans: Globe Chaser App

Event organisers, agencies, tourism businesses and private users are delighted with an innovative app. Globe Chaser lets you experience your free time even more intensively. Scavenger hunt and rally, city tour and tips for the holiday are part of the app. Team building is one of the topics that is very popular here. So far, the app is available for common Android and iOS devices, but extensions are on the way.

Professional tour operators such as tourism businesses can test the application free of charge, after which favourable tariffs apply. If you are privately interested in this leisure app, you don’t have to pay anything at all, but get something extra from us, namely a monthly experience and the possibility to save your own gadgets, routes and experiences.

Your advantage: our target groups

When developing our app for tourism businesses and families, we thought of all those who like to be on the go or make sure that others come to their leisure time. Our main focus is therefore on travel and tourism companies, event agencies and companies and, of course, last but not least, individuals and families. The app offers tailor-made experiences for every area of tourism:

Globe Chaser App for Companies and Agencies

Global Chaser App
The Global Chaser App

Companies and agencies that focus on team building can choose from activities that strengthen commonalities and allow a wide variety of people to grow together. Once planned, you can save tours, city rallies and scavenger hunts and adopt or modify them for new customers. In the application’s dashboard system, agencies have a calendar at their disposal that reminds them of the start of the next project.

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If you need a route for last-minute participants, the One Click Route Editor takes care of the event planning for you. Agencies can also call up routes that have already been completed. The app is also a valuable support for leaders of youth groups, for trainers and teachers. Excursions in terms of further education can be designed just as easily and quickly as pleasure rides.

Planning aid for travel and tourism businesses

For tourism businesses and tour operators , the app offers new ways in terms of tourism. Sights on the route and at the destination can be easily linked to the route. The result is an exciting game in which all hotspots in the region are included. Adults and children alike get their rights.

But that’s not all: The app for tourism has a connection to well-known encyclopedias, so you can also draw on the full range here. The opportunity to present your own photos and videos increases the appeal of any hike or rally. Thanks to the app, you no longer need your own guides for the entire tour, it takes over the city tour for your customers on simple tours.

Stark: Scavenger hunt and city tour as a private leisure activity

Numerous experiences await families and groups of friends: With the help of the app, you can plan children’s birthday parties that will be remembered for a long time. You don’t have to invest a lot of time in this. You can combine birthday parties and scavenger hunts effortlessly. Exciting tasks for the holiday provide variety. For example, you can set search tasks, incorporate certain physical exercises and have questions answered. Once the task is completed, the way to the next stop is cleared.

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What is popular with the little ones also appeals to the grown-ups here. You can make the bachelor party, the class reunion or the family celebration excitingly different thanks to the app. Self-taken photos document the rally, so that you have a retrievable memory. In the private sector, the app is absolutely free of charge, you can try it out and use it at any time without obligation.

App and technology

The app is currently available in German and English. You can use it on popular smartphones and tablets. The prerequisite is Android or iOS/IpadOS. Thanks to the app’s special technology, different devices with different systems can work together within the experience you create or choose, making it ideal for tourism businesses and agencies.