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Mosambik bietet traumhafte Sandstrände, Bild: AT-Reisen

Mozambique – far away from the tourist crowds

The well-kept secret among Africa holidaymakers

Bem vindo a Moçambique! In Southeast Africa, south of Tanzania and north of South Africa, lies the fascinating state of Mozambique. It stretches over an almost 3,000 km long coast of the Indian Ocean and is considered one of the last paradises on earth. As a travel destination, the diverse coastal state is still unknown and therefore offers a fantastic backdrop, especially for travel enthusiasts who want to travel far away from major tourist flows.

Mozambique is about twice the size of Germany and, with its almost 30 million inhabitants, is one of the most populous countries in Africa. Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is a port city and is located south of the coast. The locals also call the capital the “cement city”, because this is where the modern houses of the wealthy population are located.

Mozambique – Endless sandy beaches

In addition to the capital Maputo, with its more than 1.1 million inhabitants, Mozambique has a lot to offer in terms of landscape. The coast of Mozambique offers space for endless, dreamlike sandy beaches and is a paradise for sun worshippers and relaxation vacationers. Off the coast, spectacular water worlds and unique coral reefs are waiting to be explored and diving enthusiasts get their money’s worth. Inland, on the other hand, there are beautiful nature reserves with a rich fauna and small, lively towns. However, this part of the country is still little developed for tourism.

The best time to visit Mozambique

Mozambique can be visited all year round. However, the best time to visit is during the dry season from April to October. Mozambique has a savannah climate. Between November and April, 80% of the annual precipitation falls. Temperatures range from 25 °C to 30 °C all year round. In the coastal regions it is tropical and humid, whereas it gets a little cooler inland.

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More than 40 languages are spoken in the country. The official language is Portuguese, but many locals consider it only a second language. After Mozambique, weakened by years of civil war, was long one of the poorest countries in the world, the economic situation has improved in recent years and the country is experiencing a slight upswing. By the way: Germany and the rest of the world can still learn a lot from the African state. Mozambique is one of the few countries in which environmental protection is enshrined in the constitution.

Fresh fish – deliciously prepared

Mozambique is also a paradise for gourmet travellers with a penchant for fish and seafood. Fish that has been bought fresh at the market or directly from one of the fishing boats can be brought and handed in at many restaurants. There it is then deliciously prepared for little money.

Mozambique is still one of the non-touristy places on earth, but it is worth discovering! The Leipzig-based tour operator AT REISEN recently expanded its Africa offering and added Mozambique to its portfolio as a travel destination. The tours take travel enthusiasts to the town of Tofo – one of the world’s best diving areas. In this place, huge whale sharks, impressive manta rays, turtles and huge schools of colorful fish are waiting to be observed up close. There is hardly any other place where the offshore coral reefs can be admired in such an untouched state.

Even guests who have no previous experience in diving should not miss such a trip. Directly on site there is the opportunity to take a diving course or discover the underwater world while snorkeling.

By the way, a diving and bathing holiday in Mozambique is also an ideal complement to a safari in the Kruger National Park in neighbouring South Africa. There, in addition to the famous “Big Five”, you can marvel at a wide variety of animals and plants and experience nature up close during game drives in a safari vehicle. The dry season between April and October is particularly suitable for this.

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The new tours take guests to untouched Africa. They offer a fascinating mix of culture, beautiful beaches, spectacular underwater worlds and exciting safaris.

Image: AT-Reisen

The “Mozambique Discovery Tour” takes guests on a 14-day journey between beach and safari in a German-speaking guided small group. On this two-country tour, you will first go to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, where unique wildlife observations are on the program. In the Mlilwani Game Reserve, guests also experience special encounters with the Esajeni people and get an insight into the everyday life of the locals. Afterwards, they can look forward to paradisiacal days on dream beaches in Mozambique, ride a traditional dhow canoe and discover the cultural diversity of the country.

Also new to the programme is “Mozambique on your own”. This 10-day self-drive tour takes you along the southeast coast of Mozambique with a rental car to the hotspots of water sports and the absolute dream beaches of the country. After a spectacular snorkeling safari and a trip to the diving town of Tofo, travelers gain fascinating insight into the country’s cultural and architectural influences. You will experience the way of life of the locals up close. Such a trip is perfect for individualists and offers a flexible and unforgettable time, according to one’s own preferences.

But not only Mozambique, but also the entire rest of the continent of Africa offers travel enthusiasts a spectacular backdrop. Whether untouched landscapes, wide savannahs and grasslands or dry deserts – this spot on earth has a wide range of activities that nature lovers should not miss. A species-rich wildlife, tropical rainforests, imposing mountain ranges, roaring rivers and dreamlike coastal landscapes are waiting to be discovered. AT REISEN offers numerous travel options to this dream destination and has a multifaceted range of tours to the various spots of the seething continent.

More information can be found under www.at-reisen.de