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Merkur Spiel has received a German license – Why it is important for online casinos to pay attention to the gambling license

Fans of slot game classics finally have the opportunity to experience some of the manufacturer’s most popular titles on the Merkur Spiel platform. For a long time, the use of real money in online slots of the Merkur brand was not possible, as the provider had withdrawn from the German market due to the confusing legal situation in terms of gambling.

But now the brand with the laughing sun is back and many of the popular slot machines are available on the Merkur Spiel platform. Since a uniform regulation of online gambling has been agreed nationwide and a Joint Gambling Authority of the Länder (GGL) has been created, which will issue the German gambling licenses for online casinos in the future and monitor compliance with the strict requirements for player protection, Merkur Spiel was able to apply for one of these licenses and now offer 100% legal online gambling for German customers with the receipt of the authorization.

In addition to the popular slot machines, Merkur Spiel customers can look around in a large assortment of sports bets. You could even call this category its own platform, as there are a lot of betting options there. New customers can also benefit from a welcome bonus for the first account top-up at Merkur Spiel and are provided with an appealing selection of payment methods, which even include PayPal. The payment service, which is extremely popular in Germany , was not available on platforms with a corresponding range of games for a long time.

But why are the gambling licenses of online casinos so important for customers from Germany? What are the advantages of operating in an appropriately licensed gaming salon and what are the disadvantages? We will clarify these questions in the following paragraphs.

Only playing on licensed platforms is legal

Before the new Interstate Treaty on Gambling came into force in 2021, the situation regarding online gambling was very confusing. Only the state of Schleswig-Holstein issued a few licenses, otherwise there was a general lack of clarity about the legality of gambling on the Internet. Since many providers were equipped with European licenses, which often come from Malta and Curacao , and their range of games was easily accessible online for players in Germany, these platforms were also popular. Proponents used the European freedom to provide services to justify why the game should also be legal in this country. Critics considered these offers illegal.

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After years of tug-of-war, the federal states finally agreed on general gambling regulations, which became valid throughout Germany and were laid down in the aforementioned state treaty. To issue the licenses and monitor the regulations, the Joint Gambling Authority of the Länder (GGL) was launched, which is jointly operated and financed by the federal states. The licensed providers are recorded here on a so-called whitelist, which is accessible to everyone. Only playing with these licensed providers is legal for German players, and the use of portals with the aforementioned other licenses from Europe also falls under illegal gambling.

The rules are now clear, only in online gambling salons with a German license of the GGL can you play legally. However, the game is also subject to severe restrictions on these platforms, which we will talk about later.

A question of security

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If players stick to the offers of platforms that are equipped with a German gambling license, they can expect a 100% legal and safe gaming experience. There is no need to fear fraud with appropriately licensed providers. The deposited funds are safe in the player accounts of these portals and winnings are also paid out with certainty. All personal data required to create player accounts is encrypted here and thus transmitted protected from unauthorized access and used responsibly. This security is not available with providers with other licenses, especially since the operators are usually located abroad and legal disputes are made even more difficult.

Measures to protect players

The new German Interstate Treaty on Gambling was drawn up primarily with the strong inclusion of measures intended to protect players. These measures are intended to keep minors away from gambling and to protect adult players from gambling addiction. The implementation of these aspects has led to significant restrictions on gambling, which were previously unknown in gambling halls with other European licenses and which are still not applied there today. Therefore, there are quite a few players who perceive the new restrictions as paternalism. Now let’s take a look at what restrictions there are in online casinos with a German license.

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Limited range of games

Platforms with a German license are only allowed to offer online slot machines, table games and thus also live games are therefore no longer allowed.

1,000 Euro deposit limit

To ensure that customers of online casinos cannot gamble away too much money, a cross-provider deposit limit of 1,000 euros per month has been set.

Betting limits per game round

Likewise, round limits have been set up so that not much capital can be lost within a short time. For each spin, the player can only bet the maximum amount of 1 euro.

Five-second rule

The rounds on a slot machine can only be played at five-second intervals so that the player acts more reflectively and does not mechanically trigger round after round. For this reason, the autoplay that was previously available on most slots is no longer available.

Automatic Breaks

If you have played on a platform for a full hour, there is an automatic break of 5 minutes. A corresponding break must also be observed in the event of a change of provider.

Panic Button

A panic button is to be displayed at all times while playing and allow a quick self-exclusion from the game for 24 hours.

No progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are now also a thing of the past. Thus, players are deprived of the attraction of particularly high prize pots.

Parallel play not possible

It is no longer possible to call up several slots in different browser windows and thus play on several machines at the same time.

Demo versions only with registration

The free demo versions of the slot machines can also only be used after registration. This ensures that only adults have access to these games of chance.

Conclusion: Some restrictions, but safe and legal

The listed restrictions make it clear that the game on a platform that is equipped with a license issued by the GGL is all about player protection. Unfortunately, these restrictions clearly make playing in online casinos with other European licenses that operate without the mentioned restrictions and in which there are also table games and live games more attractive. Many players have been used to playing without the aforementioned restrictions for a long time, and thus these users will sometimes lack the understanding of these measures.

However, it must be said very clearly that only in the gambling halls with a German license can you really play safely and, above all, legally. As a player, you participate in illegal gambling if you switch online to providers from the European area. Therefore, you should definitely choose one of the platforms that are listed on the GGL whitelist .