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Skigebiet Livigno im Winter, Bild: Michal Simak / shutterstock

Livigno – Holidays in the mountains

If you want to spend your summer holidays in the mountains, Livigno is one of the ideal destinations. Livigno is part of the mountain municipality of Alta Valtellina, which is made up of 6 municipalities including: Bormio, Sondalo, Valdidentro, Valdisotto and Valfurva. It is the perfect place for mountain lovers and for those who want to relax in the cool air and surrounded by nature at an altitude of about 1800 meters. A typical alpine climate, ideal for those looking to cool off in the hot Italian summers. Livigno and its surroundings offer spectacular views and hikes through ancient alpine pastures that will remain in your memory. You can walk among blueberries and wild strawberries and encounter ibex, deer, chamois and golden eagles along the way. The wonder of the mountains is omnipresent, you just have to discover and experience it in summer.

What do you need to consider for a holiday in Livigno?

As you know, the weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. From one moment to the next, the weather can change and you can experience a day with heavy rain, while the sun was still shining in the morning. In the summer, you’ll need lightweight clothing (such as shorts and T-shirts) that you can pair with heavier, technical clothing.

What should you do in Livigno?

  • Lake Livigno
    View over Lake Livigno, Image: Sona Kabatova / shutterstock

    1. Trekking on the border between Switzerland and Italy:
    Boots on your feet, backpack on your back and a packed lunch. The rest is on the path that leads to the summit of Monte Breva (3,014 m), the natural border between Switzerland and Italy. From the start near Malga Campaccio – where you can buy cheese and other alpine products and a sign indicates that the entire area (over 7oo hectares, from 1,950 to 2,800 meters altitude) belongs to the municipality of Bormio – the hike leads along an uphill path that is accessible from the thaw until snow and ice cover it off the maps again. After a two-hour walk and a difference in altitude of about 600 metres, you will reach Lago del Monte, a glacial basin surrounded by high mountains, which will take you to Cima Breva in about three hours and with a difference in altitude of 600 metres. On the way from the valley to the summit, not only the flora and fauna changes, but also the composition of the rocks, which is an unmistakable testimony to the different geological eras and the chaos that arose here at the time of the formation of the Alps.

  • 2. Yoga at 3000 meters: Sunrise detox with wellness brunch:
    The memory of the alarm clock ringing before dawn fades at 3000 meters above sea level as you immerse yourself in the silence of the majestic Alpine peaks. In the morning fog, on a day waiting for the beginning of the sunrise. The meeting point is the Ristoro Carosello 3000 at about 6.30 am. The cable car deliberately opens at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesdays so that participants can reach the hut. The experience consists of a slow hike to the Madonon, one of the most panoramic points of the entire Livigno Valley. Along the way, some breaks are made at particularly spectacular points dedicated to exercise and meditation. Stop near the alpine lake Lac Salin, on a rocky outcrop overlooking the cantonal valley and then in a clearing overlooking the Bernina massif. Under the guidance of the teacher, one greets the sun, performs pranayama (controlled breathing exercises) and simple asanas (postures) in front of the immovable sight of the mountain and the rising sun, which warms the temperature and ushers in the new day. The experience lasts about three hours; it is at the same time devotion and self-discovery, relaxation and listening. Upon arrival on Madonon, the meditation session will be followed by a tasting of aromatic herbal teas. On the way back, a hearty wellness brunch awaits the participants at the Ristoro Carosello 3000.
  • 3. Downhill, flow trails and adrenaline-pumping mountain bike trails:
    Livigno is mountain bike friendly. The proof? It has more than 3,200 kilometres of GPS-surveyed routes, professional MTB guides and instructors for freeride, downhill and cross country, as well as service stations along the cycle path and various bike rentals. There are also ski lifts to reach the highest peaks, as well as bike hotels and specialty shops with everything a biker needs. Livigno’s love for mountain biking began with downhill biking and the creation of the Mottolino Bike Park: 14 routes (served by a gondola, so everything downhill) full of parabolas, drop and table jumps, walkways and wall rides, perfect for freeriding. The real passion then ignited with the inauguration of the Flow Trails Coast to Coast and Roller Coaster on the Carosello 3000 side – which translates as roller coaster for mountain bikes. They are not steep and rugged paths, but gentle paths where you can let your bike run in a continuous succession of curves, parabolas, bumps and rhythmic sprints. In short: fast, adrenaline-filled routes suitable for everyone.
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