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Die spalten Las Grietas auf Lanzarote, Bild: Reisemagazin Online

Las Grietas – The Crevasses in Lanzarote

One of the seven main islands of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is known for its stunning scenery and unique geological formations. One of the most remarkable natural wonders on this volcanic island is undoubtedly Las Grietas. In this blog article, we will take a closer look at this fascinating place that captivates every visitor.

The origin of Las Grietas

Las Grietas, which translates to “The Crevices”, is a natural rock slit or grotto located near the village of El Golfo in the southeast of Lanzarote . This geological wonder is the result of millions of years of erosion and geological activity. Lanzarote itself is of volcanic origin and characterized by a unique landscape formed by lava flows, volcanic craters and impressive caves.

Las Grietas was formed by the drifting apart of lava flows and the action of sea water on the volcanic rock. The result is a long, narrow crevice filled with crystal clear, turquoise water and surrounded by high cliffs and rock faces. The deepest point in Las Grietas reaches a depth of about 15 meters.

A unique bathing experience

Las Grietas is not only a place of outstanding natural beauty, but also a popular destination for visitors who long for a refreshing dip. The water in the crevices is amazingly clear and offers the opportunity to swim and snorkel. The water temperature is pleasant all year round, and underwater visibility is excellent.

The rock walls around Las Grietas are covered with lush vegetation, and the sun’s rays that penetrate through the openings in the rock create a magical play of light underwater. The variety of fish in this area is impressive, and it’s not uncommon to spot colorful parrotfish and other sea creatures as you glide through the crevices.

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How to get to Las Grietas

Access to Las Grietas is not difficult, but it does require a short hike through the coastal landscape of Lanzarote. The starting point for the hike is the village of El Golfo, from where you will take a walk of about 30 minutes along the coastline to the crevasses. The trail offers breathtaking views of the sea and volcanic landscape and is an experience in itself.

It is advisable to bring comfortable walking shoes and plenty of water, as there are limited facilities in the area around Las Grietas. Swimming in the crevasses is safe, but you should be careful and follow the local safety instructions.

However, there is also a small parking lot on the main road that you can use with a rental car. Then you arrive at your destination in about 5 minutes.


Las Grietas in Lanzarote is undoubtedly a unique natural wonder that will fascinate any visitor. The combination of clear waters, impressive rock formations and the rich marine life makes this place a must-see on the island. If you’re visiting Lanzarote, be sure to include a trip to Las Grietas in your itinerary. It is a place that you will never forget and that will bring you closer to the beauty of nature in an impressive way.