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Blick auf Langkawi, Bild: Vaflya / shutterstock

Langkawi – Small island with a big culture

Langkawi is Malaysia’s holiday island and still a real insider tip. Holidaymakers who are looking for relaxation, but also variety, who already know Thailand or do not want to visit it , will find a little gem here with fantastic beaches, evergreen forests and yet urban infrastructure and thus the amenities that make a holiday perfect. Langkawi is also still relatively unknown as a travel destination, so it is not too crowded even in the high season. The island, located west of the Malay Peninsula, is easily accessible and can boast many sights, diverse food and a colorful culture. Malaysia does not advertise itself as the real Asia for nothing.

Langkawi, where Southeast Asia, Thailand, India, China and the West meet

STrand Cenang Langkawi
Dream beach in Cenang, Image: AsiaTravel / shutterstock

What makes Langkawi special is the unique fusion of different cultures into a harmonious overall picture. Malaysia not only offers the indigenous Southeast Asian way of life, but is also home to Thai, Chinese, Indians and Arabs. For over a thousand years, these cultures have lived side by side, creating a unique new culture that presents itself to visitors mainly through the wonderfully varied cuisine, but also unique architecture. Langkawi is home to the Perakanan houses, which were built by Chinese exiles in recent centuries. They are best explored in Penang. In addition to cuisine, culture and architecture, Langkawi also offers fascinating culture and friendly hosts who are just waiting to fulfil all the wishes of holidaymakers – the influence of Thailand cannot be denied.

Small island, but a lot to discover

Langkawi Sky Bridge
The Langkawi Sky Bridge (pedestrian bridge) offers fantastic views, Image: Leonid Sorokin / shutterstock

Nature is probably the most important attraction of the island. c is actually not just one, but consists of almost a hundred small limestone islands and rocks, similar to the famous James Bond rock (which is in Thailand, however). In the north of the island there is a black sand beach, where the sand consists of dark volcanic rock. Inside, numerous nature parks invite you to explore rocks, waterfalls and lakes. The evergreen surroundings offer numerous photo opportunities. And there is also a lot to explore underwater. But culture is not neglected either. Those interested in culture can visit the local museum or marvel at the fascinating local architecture. The different peoples who have shaped the island have left their mark here: in addition to mosques, there are Chinese and Thai temples as well as traces from the colonial era of the Portuguese and British. Numerous festivities take place during the course of the year. Although Malaysia is Muslim, Islam meets Asian openness here. So there is also a very active nightlife, especially near the two most popular beaches of the island.

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Pure nature and culture in a melting pot of cultures

What makes Langkawi perfect is the combination of beach, mountains and city, so that everyone from beach vacationers to culture seekers get their money’s worth. The long sandy beaches, lined with palm trees, invite you to swim, sunbathe or relax. The water is crystal clear and offers refreshment from the tropical heat. The limestone cliffs off the coast make the idyll perfect. Those who want to be active can go hiking in the mountains and enjoy the fresh air of the evergreen forests. There are no dangerous animals, and the island is too small to get lost. And after a relaxing stay at the beach or actively exploring the interior, holidaymakers can then review the day in the city in the evening with the delicious food on offer or with a colourful cocktail. Boutiques and shops also invite you to stroll and shop (duty-free). Langkawi offers a bit of everything.

Easy way to get to Langkawi

There are four ways to get there. There are no direct flights from Europe. The easiest option is by plane. There are connections to and from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, as well as Penang, a nearby island whose architecture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But there are also flights to Langkawi from Thailand. This makes it easy to integrate the beach holiday into holiday planning through connecting flights. The second option is by boat or ferry. However, the way from Kuala Lumpur is likely to be rather arduous. But to and from Penang there are some commercial lines. Finally, holidaymakers can also travel by train – on the mainland, of course, and then take the ferry. However, train journeys are often lengthy and exhausting due to the climate. From Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar it takes a little more than ten hours. Theoretically, the trip can also be done by car, as an alternative. However, although safe independent and convenient, this is the most expensive alternative. Due to Langkawi’s good connections, the stay can be perfectly integrated into a round trip Thailand-Malaysia.

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Best time to visit Langkawi

Although Langkawi is a tropical island, there are ideal times to visit. The weather is tropical and warm all year round, but typhoons also become more frequent during the second half of the year, which can lead to significant travel disruptions – not to mention rainy holidays. The best time to visit is December to April, when there is a dry season (but it is also very hot). Then the storms have subsided and it rains very rarely. During the rainy season (rest of the year) it rains daily, not all the time, but the one or two hour of rain can make it extremely humid, which makes physical activity very difficult.

The almost perfect holiday island

Langkawi offers almost the perfect holiday for those who are drawn to faraway places. Tropical sandy beaches, hospitable locals, excellent cuisine and a lot of nature and culture that you can still discover for yourself. This is either a perfect start to the Asian adventure or the end of a Malaysia or Thailand round trip. Discover Langkawi while the island is still an insider tip!