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Jamaica, the third largest Caribbean island, attracts travelers with its unique cultural heritage, breathtaking nature and vibrant music scene.

The capital Kingston is the center of reggae and offers fascinating insights into Jamaican music history.

Jamaica’s beaches, including Seven Mile Beach in Negril, are postcard-perfect and ideal for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts.

Blue Mountain Peak is the destination for hikers and offers spectacular views and coffee plantations.

Jamaica’s culinary scene spoils you with jerk chicken, curry dishes and exotic fruits.

The hospitality of the Jamaicans is warm, and you will feel the relaxed atmosphere of the island.

Jamaica is a country of joie de vivre and creativity, a place where music, nature and culture merge in an incomparable way.

Discover Jamaica’s sights

The island of Jamaica probably has a rather amusing reputation for the typical vacationer. In most cases, the first things that come to mind are associated with Bob Marley, raggae music, typical Caribbean food and, last but not least, one or two intoxicating substances. And while the Jamaicans are indeed a people of their own, who have succumbed to sensual pleasures...

Jamaica – In the footsteps of the reggae legend of Bob Marley

On the paradisiacal island of Jamaica, there is something like a “magic triangle”: reggae, rastafari and rum! But it’s not just the hot rhythms, the unusual hairstyles and the alcoholic beverages that attract guests from all parts of the world to this tropical region. Rather, it is the wonderful beaches, the warm sea in all seasons and the...