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Kategorie – Slovenia

Slovenia, a small country in Central Europe, surprises with its natural beauty and cultural diversity.

The capital Ljubljana enchants with a picturesque old town and cozy cafes along the Ljubljanica River.

The emerald Soča River in the Julian Alps is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, from rafting to hiking.

Lake Bled, with its island and Bled Castle, is a romantic place that seems to come straight out of a fairy tale.

Slovenia prides itself on its culinary scene, from cheese and sausage to local wine.

The Postojna and Škocjan Caves are fascinating underground worlds to be discovered.

The Slovenian hospitality and relaxed atmosphere make the country a perfect destination.

Discover Slovenia’s secrets and experience the perfect combination of nature and culture in this hidden gem of Europe.

Ljubljana – Sights and Tips

The alleys of the old town tell stories that date back to the Romans. The baroque houses are magnificent and the bells ring over from St. Nicholas Cathedral. Under the Zmajski most, the Dragon Bridge, the Ljubljanica rushes. On Tivoli Street rises the Orthodox Church of Cyril and Methodius. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a gem with many facets. Rich cultural...

Exhibition Dobrna through the ages

In the summer, the exhibition “Dobrna through the ages” was on display in the “two-hundred-year-old spa park of Dobrna (Slovenia). When most people hear the name Dobrna, they first think of health resorts and spa tourism, as Terme Dobrna is considered one of the oldest health resorts in Slovenia today, and spa tourism has made great contributions to...

Slovenia: Diversity of forests, mountain landscapes and coastal life

Slovenia, which covers just 20,000 square kilometers, is located in southern Europe. It also marks the border with Eastern Europe, as it borders Hungary , and is the northernmost state of the former Republic of Yugoslavia. In the far southwest there is even a small access to the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its size, Slovenia is enormously diverse. On the Adriatic...