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Tipps für das richtige Reisegepäck, Bild: JennyLee_Lariviere / shutterstock

I’m packing my suitcase – tips for the right luggage

On an upcoming trip, preparation plays a central role for success and the relaxation factor. This way you ensure a relaxed start and have all the necessary accessories for the holiday at hand. But when packing your suitcases, but also when choosing the right luggage, there are many pitfalls lurking. We show you how to keep an eye on all the important points during your preparation.

Create a thorough checklist

Before you start the actual packing of the suitcases, you should create a thorough checklist. Certainly, meticulously writing down the necessary utensils is not only not much fun at first glance, but can also take a long time. At the same time, however, the list makes the actual packing of bags and suitcases much easier. Apps can also be a valuable tool when creating a corresponding list. The individual points can be conveniently entered here and ticked off when completed. This way, you always have an overview, and most of these planning apps are available free of charge for all common platforms. If you prefer to use the classic version with paper and pen, you can create categories with different colors to highlight particularly important medications, for example. This provides more clarity and prevents these essential accessories from being forgotten.

High-quality cases and bags make the difference

But the best list is of little use if the right luggage is missing. Especially for longer trips, sturdy, high-quality bags and suitcases are essential. These can easily cope with the high weight that has to be moved on holiday. In addition, there is the possibility to use corresponding accessories with important additional functions. This applies, for example, to practical wheels on the underside, a padded carrying strap or even an integrated lock to prevent unauthorized access to the contents. In general, good suitcases are not really cheap, but the investment is worth it. The luggage proves to be a stable and long-term companion even under high loads.

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Tip: Modern suitcases and bags not only impress with a high practical use, but are also often considered a fashion accessory. Elaborate patterns and colours, different materials or well-known themes are taken up in the design to provide the desired variety. There are also elaborately designed products for children with the favorite hero from well-known series or books.

Think about your pets too

Before you successfully start your holiday with packed suitcases, you should also think about caring for your pet. In many cases, it is not easy to take with you. This applies, for example, to many small animals, such as a hamster. But in the meantime, there are good opportunities to increase the well-being of animals even when they are away with suitable pet supplies. This applies, for example, to a stable stable for animals that generally live outdoors. Corresponding offers in excellent quality are available at surprisingly low prices for chickens, for example. There is also the right product for rabbits or rabbits, for example with a large stable with numerous activities and retreats. With the right equipment, your pets can relax and enjoy their time in their familiar surroundings, while you forget your worries and gather new impressions while travelling.