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Die Wahl des richtigen Reisegepäcks spielt bei der Urlaubsvorbereitung eine große Rolle, Bild: Pavel Ilyukhin / shutterstock

How do you find the right luggage?

Whether it’s a short trip, a city trip or a two-week holiday in Mallorca, the right piece of luggage is important. But before you even start the journey, there are many questions about luggage. It must be neither too big, nor too small and not too heavy. If you also travel by plane, you have to comply with certain standards. In the following sections you will find important information about luggage. Furthermore, we present different types of luggage so that you too can find the right travel companion.

Trolley, suitcase or backpacker backpack – Which is best?

Basically, this question depends on your travel style. If you travel through Asia for weeks, you definitely don’t want to carry a suitcase with you. If you change hostels every other day and travel in uncomfortable trains and buses, you should definitely grab a backpacker’s backpack. Globetrotters want to see the craziest places and always have their equipment with them. A backpacker backpack offers hip fins and chest straps for the perfect fit. At the same time, they remain flexible at all times. Depending on their size, they can even be carried as hand luggage on air travel. Otherwise, you just have to check them in.

A trolley is best suited for city trips and weekend trips. If you only want to travel through Europe’s capitals for a few days, you will be happy about the suitcase with integrated wheels. Whether hard or soft shell, your luggage is always close to you. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the faithful companion can almost always be taken into the aircraft cabin. With the help of the extendable pole, a trolley can be pulled comfortably. However, it can get a bit complicated in cities with a lot of cobblestones, such as Rome. Then you have to carry the travel trolley by means of a handle.

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Travel suitcases are suitable for longer holiday trips. A week or two in the Dominican Republic? No problem with the right rolling suitcase. Like trolleys, suitcases usually have two or four wheels. Despite the contents, they can be transported so easily. Especially on long distances at airports or train stations, they show all their skills. Depending on the intended use, you can choose between a smaller or larger capacity. If you travel by plane, you can often give up 20 or 23 kilograms.

How do you pack a suitcase quickly and in a space-saving way?

It should be clear that you pack a suitcase differently than a backpacker backpack. In this section, we refer to packing a classic wheeled suitcase or trolley. If you pack with a little brains, you will save yourself a lot of trouble later.

Before you start packing, you should first answer the following questions:

  • How long is my stay?
  • What is the weather like at your destination?
  • What clothing is suitable?

In order to make the best use of the volume of the suitcase, some clothes should be rolled tightly. T-shirts, trousers, skirts or dresses take up less space. However, be careful not to stuff the suitcase to the brim. Firstly, they could suffer damage and secondly, you often want to bring a souvenir from your holiday destination. Anyone who arrives at the airport overweight is often punished. Many airlines know no mercy and charge horrendous fees for every kilogram.

Furthermore, we recommend that you pack heavier items such as shoes and pants downwards in the suitcase. Light things such as shirts, dresses and blouses are packed at the end. If they are at the top, they will also wrinkle less. To make better use of the storage space, you can also hide socks and smaller items in shoes. Cosmetics and hygiene products must be packed securely before they are spilled. Cling film is best suited for this. If you wrap the cap tightly with foil, you won’t have any problems with leaking shampoos later.

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If you want to travel with technical devices, you should carry them with you as hand luggage. There you can keep an eye on them at all times. In addition, task cases are often lost. Important documents, documents, passports and medication also belong in your hand luggage.

How do you secure your luggage?

Suitcases from renowned manufacturers usually have a security lock integrated. As a rule, these are three- or four-digit combination locks that can be individually programmed. Trolleys or smaller suitcases are usually made without a lock. Then it is worth buying an additional suitcase lock.