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Ein Feriencamp sorgt für schöne Erinnerungen bei den Kindern, Bild: Campfuchs

How do I find the right holiday camp?

The term holiday camp is often associated with many beautiful memories of exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences with new and old friends. But what does it take to find the right holiday camp? The decisive factor for this is not only a varied program that suits the individual interests of the participants, but also the right accommodation, balanced catering and professional care. This is the only way to make the holiday camp a successful experience that will hopefully be remembered for a long time. In the following, we will take a look at what is important for the individual points and how the search for the right holiday camp can be successfully approached.

Good care is the be-all and end-all at a holiday camp

Sporting highlights are part of the holiday camp, Image: Campfuchs

In addition to the program, the quality of the accommodation and the food, the care is crucial for a successful holiday season. It is therefore important that the team of supervisors not only has many years of experience in working with children and young people, but is also trained in content and, above all, pedagogy. The supervisors should always have an open ear for the participants and help them with small and large problems. But of course they also have important character traits such as friendliness, helpfulness and patience. That’s exactly why they manage to make the holiday camp a special experience with good organization. At all holiday camps for children and young people, fun should always be in the foreground and, as is well known, this begins with the good mood in the team of supervisors.

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What makes a good holiday camp?


  • Fun should come first
  • Group thinking and dealing with other children is important
  • Versatile main program that meets your own interests
  • Choice of leisure program to meet everyone’s needs
  • Team-building measures


  • Accommodation type, room sizes and number of beds
  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Experienced hostel parents
  • Safe terrain
  • Outdoor and indoor opportunities to play in your free time
  • Good reviews


  • Balanced food with healthy and fresh food
  • Constant access to drinks
  • Varied meals
  • Consideration of intolerances, allergies, etc.


  • Pedagogically and content-related trained team of supervisors
  • Pedagogical concept
  • Caregivers have a 1st aid certificate
  • Supervisors must present an extended police clearance certificate
  • Childcare ratio – depending on the age of the children, this should not exceed 1:10
  • Values such as fair play, teamwork, trust and respect are to be conveyed

Security & Other:

  • Detailed travel information
  • Quality seal (e.g. German Travel Network, Federal Forum for Youth Travel or similar)
  • Travel, duty of supervision and youth protection laws are complied with
  • Legally required travel price insurance certificate
  • 24-hour emergency telephone during the camp
  • All-round support by trained trainers

The most popular holiday camps for children and teenagers

Trend sports in the holiday camp, Image: Campfuchs

There are a variety of different holiday camps for children and teenagers. In recent years, the selection of holiday camps has shifted more and more from classic holiday camps to adventure and theme camps. The offer ranges from sports camps with football, horseback riding or dancing to water sports such as surfing or sailing to unusual sports such as buggy kiting, rock climbing or artistry.

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Of course, there is also a large selection of holiday camps with a wide variety of focuses apart from sports. Themed camps such as Robin Hood Camps, Harry Potter Camps or Pirate Camps are becoming increasingly popular. For all creative minds who are bubbling over with ideas, creative and research camps are just the thing. Adventure and outdoor camps, on the other hand, inspire all adventurers, young and old, who love nature and like to spend a lot of time in the fresh air.

A varied combination of learning and leisure activities is offered by the many different language camps in Germany and abroad. Here, one’s own language skills can often be raised to the next level in a practical way in order to shine at school after the holidays. In addition, the varied sports and leisure programme offers the perfect balance to language lessons and gives you the necessary holiday feeling.

Find your suitable holiday camp

But how do you find the right holiday camp without getting lost in the big holiday camp jungle? No problem! With the large number of holiday camp providers, it is of course not so easy to find the right organiser. Here we can recommend, for example, the Campfuchs – holiday camps for children and young people . There you will find a large selection of holiday camps from different organisers for all age groups. A big advantage of this site is the possibility to filter the camps in advance by age, period, location and interests via a search function, so that in the end only those camps remain that are actually considered. In addition, there is the certainty that all camps meet the necessary quality standards, so that not only the children but also the parents can spend a carefree time.