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Mit dem Wohnmobil unterwegs in den Alpen, Bild: Andrey Armyagov / shutterstock

Holidays with a motorhome: Once around the world

Fulfilling their big dream, treading new paths freely and independently and exploring the world: Who hasn’t felt this longing at some point? The motorhome makes it possible. With the itinerary and the targeted destinations, you can also bake “small rolls” first. Regardless of the kilometres driven and the duration, however, there are a few things to consider when planning a trip with a motorhome.

What do I have to consider when buying a motorhome?

It goes without saying that the vehicle should be roadworthy. When planning to buy a motorhome, the question arises as to whether it should be a new vehicle with individual equipment or whether a used motorhome is sufficient. Here, year-old cars or offers with a short-term registration are alternatives worth considering. Rent can be the cheaper option in individual cases. What is particularly popular with younger people is self-conversion, usually on the basis of a van. When making your decision, you should carefully weigh up the pros and cons and also keep an eye on your own wallet. After all, these can be considerable sums that you have to raise before you start.

The acquisition costs can reach dizzying heights in the upper segment: In the luxury class, you can currently get the Volkner Mobil Performance S for a rough estimate of 2.4 million dollars with appropriate special equipment. The 18-ton truck with built-in center garage offers space for a sports car. The roadster is ready for getting bread rolls or an excursion with small luggage. Of course, the flagship has extremely luxurious equipment. In this league, it goes without saying that the rolling 12-metre comfort apartment with 460 hp is equipped with every conceivable bells and whistles.

Outside the Oberliga, new motorhomes are available from about 30,000 €. These are usually basic versions that can be equipped according to needs, taste and budget. The additional costs for expansion or more powerful motorization can be considerable. At autoscout24 there is an overview of the current range of new and used motorhomes. With almost 6000 entries and many filter functions, you can select individually here. Vehicles under €20,000 usually have over 20 years and often over 200,000 kilometres under their belts. Susceptibility to repair included.

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Rent a motorhome – The clever alternative

When renting a motorhome, you shouldn’t have to worry about repairs. The motorhome rental company has a transparent offer, the offers of the ADAC motorhome rental company and the Dutch provider Goboony. In the compact area, Vany Class camper vans such as VW California, Mercedes Benz Marco Polo or HymerCar Sydney are offered for €616 for 6 nights. With 2-4 beds, this is a manageable price. The compact class has driving characteristics similar to those of a passenger car and therefore does not place any special demands on the driver or driving licence class. In the premium segment of the “mobile premier class”, prices are €120 per week higher if the vehicles are suitable for winter use. 1339 € for 6 nights are due in the Premium glamour class. In addition to liability insurance, it is advisable to take out fully comprehensive and partial comprehensive insurance. Deductible insurance significantly reduces the deductible in the event of a claim.

Once the questions of the vehicle and the driving licence have been clarified and the travel route has been roughly determined, it is best to check in advance whether your identity card or passport is sufficiently valid. What are the entry requirements in the destination countries? Are visas required? Do you need an International Driver’s Permit? The Federal Foreign Office advises copying all personal documents and keeping them separately from the originals.

Depending on the destination country, it is not only advisable to have different currencies with you. Credit card acceptance may vary from country to country. That’s why you should bet on different cards. You should also be prepared in the event that you lose your means of payment. In this case, you should have the contact details of people with you who can arrange for an instant transfer. German embassies or consulates are suitable contacts whose addresses should be ready, as well as the emergency numbers of the credit institutions to block cards.

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In order to be on the safe side in the event of illness, international health insurance offers good protection, especially for trips to non-European countries. It should be noted that there are special conditions for increased contributions for the USA . If repatriation to the home country is not included, a separate repatriation insurance should be taken out. The ADAC also recommends travel cancellation insurance.

Under https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/ReiseUndSicherheit/reise-und-sicherheitshinweise , the Foreign Ministry offers up-to-date information on the travel destinations: from Egypt to Cyprus. You will find short and compact information on the current situation in the country, entry and customs, nature and climate, general travel information and information on health and legal peculiarities. Here you will also find information on the vaccination regulations.

The authority urgently advises foreign travelers and persons with permanent residence abroad to register with the crisis preparedness list . The crisis preparedness list ELEFAND (Electronic Registration of Germans Abroad) helps in the event of a crisis or disaster and offers support from the missions abroad.

When everything is checked and in dry cloths, you can think about packing. The climatic conditions prevailing on the trip will determine the selection of clothing. The onion skin principle has proven its worth: several items of clothing are worn on top of each other. What should not be missing on any trip are the individually required medication in sufficient quantities and medicine for emergency care.

Your doctor or pharmacist will advise you here. When prophylaxis of exposure to avoid malaria or dengue, please think of insect repellent. Take a mosquito net and long, preferably light-colored clothing. Liquid disinfectants, a sufficient supply of water and water filters are part of the basic equipment of modern nomads. Have a good trip!