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Boracay bietet faszinierende Strände, Bild: saiko3p / shutterstock

Holidays on the dream island of Boracay

Without a doubt, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world is the paradisiacal Boracay. The light-flooded island has everything that encompasses the epitome of an Elysian island world: endless snow-white beaches, an enchanting landscape and exquisite gastronomic delicacies in a magical atmosphere. The unique island is a trendy hotspot for romantic newlyweds as well as for families and holidaymakers who are looking for a well-deserved break to discover this heavenly spot for themselves.

The island of Boracay – geographical location and climate

The Philippine island of Boracay is located about 315 km south of Manila and belongs to the Visayas archipelago, which is characterized by a fascinating variety of landscapes. Boracay has a relatively narrow interior with a width of just under 1 km. But the 7 km of island length offer a fantastic beach potential. Boracay can be reached via the airports of Kalibo and Caticlan and to the island by boat crossing with Caticlan Jetty Port.

The best time to visit is in the months from December to April, when temperatures fluctuate between 25°C and 28°C and the island’s climate is characterized by sunny and calm weather. During the rainy season from early June to November, the tropical weather on Boracay is warm and humid. In the tourist low season, average temperatures are around 30°C and the general weather pattern is determined by 14 to 18 rainy days per month and occasional tropical cyclones.

The enchanting beaches of Boracay

Just let your mind wander: Boracay is the place where holiday dreams come true. With its seventeen fabulous natural beaches and idyllic coves, the island is undoubtedly a real beach paradise. Fine, white powder sand and crystal clear sea water enchant visitors from near and far. The 4 km long, palm-fringed “White Beach” absolutely lives up to its name: its incredibly glistening sand and emerald green iridescent water inevitably captivate every holidaymaker. For passionate kitesurfers, the beach of “Bulabog” on the east coast offers great kiteflying adventures and exciting moments. For pure relaxation and recreation, beaches such as “Diniwid Beach” or “Puka Shell” in the north offer the perfect spots to enjoy the sensational island landscape in relaxing, dreamy seclusion and to recharge your batteries.

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Attractions and fascinating activities on Boracay

Boracay also has an endless number of activities to offer for the hyperactive holidaymaker. Spectacular “parasailing” tours at “White Beach” are an insider tip among tourists, who boldly and boldly fly over the fairytale-like exotic island world with their paragliders fixed to a speedboat. Scuba diving on Boracay is definitely a highlight for all coral lovers. In the spring months, the biodiversity on the coral formation is overwhelming and the visibility is downright fantastic. Swim like a mermaid – this dream comes true at the unique “Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy Boracay”! For young and old, there are mermaid tail fins to put on, before course participants learn how to swim mermaids in the waters of Boracay together with state-certified mermaid instructors.

Crystal Cove Island, Boracay
Crystal Cove Island, Boracay, Image: Valentin Ayupov / shutterstock

Island hopping is part of the tourist agenda on Boracay. Less than ten minutes away by boat, diving enthusiasts can expect wonderful opportunities to explore the nearby coral reef on the private islet “Crystal Cove Island”. The leisure offer includes numerous other varied activities such as hikes, cave expeditions and snorkeling tours. If you also need to take risks for the adrenaline rush during your holiday, you can look forward to exciting cliff jumping from heights between 3m and 15m at “Ariel’s Point” on the immediately opposite “Panay Island” (40-minute boat crossing). But other, less extreme activities such as kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding are also popular here. The steel cable tour along the Boracay zipline guarantees further adrenaline kicks and a fantastic panoramic view over the wild and romantic nature of the island.

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“Paraw sailing” in a narrow double-hulled ship with extendable side supports has become a real landmark of the island. A gentle Paraw sailing trip towards the picturesque sunset is an unforgettable experience.

Hotels, culinary hotspots & shopping

The range of hotels on Boracay is overwhelmingly diverse. Luxurious beach resorts, spa & wellness facilities, comfort hotels, garden cottages and guesthouses offer perfect accommodation, suitable for every budget and individual travel plans.

Boracay has an unbeatable range of great bars, cafes and exclusive restaurants. Local and national gastronomic specialties are offered in Southeast Asian restaurants with their attractively furnished, traditional ambience. A variety of modern restaurants offer a great European menu with Mediterranean cuisine. Grill & Steak Taverns, Pancake Houses and Fish Restaurants offer tastefully prepared food of the highest quality, with fresh fish and seafood as well as aromatic fruits and vegetables from local cultivation.

“Station 2” on Boracay’s west coast is the trendy shopping district of the island with numerous shops and a magical overseas flair. A relaxed shopping spree through the shopping rows, combined with a visit to the famous “D*Mall” or “D*Talipapa” shopping centres, should not be missed.

Boracay: special features and notes

Communication with the hospitable islanders is easily conducted in English. Traffic is reduced to an absolute minimum with taxi trikes or rentable tricycles and mountain bikes on Boracay. Many things on the island are within easy walking distance.

In 2018, the state-mandated tourist reorientation was implemented on Boracay to protect the natural island. New regulations are intended to preserve the landscape and the original ambience of the island on the basis of sustainability. In order to preserve the authentic character of the beaches, no umbrellas or sunbeds may be brought to the beach. The consumption of food and drinks of any kind is also prohibited on all beaches.

The island may only be visited by arrivals who have made pre-confirmed hotel bookings and carry proof of this.