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Vom Spielen auf fremden Plätzen profitieren, Bild: WellyWelly / shutterstock

Golf trips: the sporty holiday for players of all levels

Escaping everyday life, that’s what each of us wishes for sometimes. The options are already diverse and in many cases cost-effective. If you find the local golf course too monotonous on your own holiday, you can try your luck on golf trips. This varied experience is suitable for players of all levels, which guarantees fun and a certain learning effect. This makes golf trips the perfect change for your holiday without having to do without the beach and a hotel. For this reason, we have summarized the advantages and reasons for a golf trip for you.

Many destinations and facilities, thanks to the wide choice when booking

The idea of golf trips is not new, which is why many offers can already be found in travel agencies and on the Internet. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to compare the advantages of these trips with classic holidays. In this way, it quickly becomes clear what makes golf trips so extraordinary and attractive for golfers. If you are an athlete who feels like playing golf on your holiday, you are faced with a big task in simple hotel complexes. It is not uncommon for the nearest courses to be far away and there is no concrete program for golfers and athletes of other sports.

It’s different with golf trips, where special offers are already waiting for you when booking. Starting with the green fee already paid, to the game time reservation: staying in a sports-friendly hotel has various advantages. Travel providers with experience in the industry are clearly ahead here: through special prices and offers, golf trips to Mallorca, Portugal or Turkey are offered at low prices. Planning a vacation around the sport has thus become the standard for many to be able to play the golf courses of this world.

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Licence to play on holiday: this is how the programme works

Golf trip
Relax and work on your handicap while golfing on holiday, Image: Supermop / shutterstock

Since golf trips are not only reserved for professionals, more and more beginners and casual players are also enthusiastic about this type of holiday. Hotel complexes with a direct focus on golf trips are usually located close to the course and have their own trainers who can accompany you to the course license and beyond. Especially for partners and children, this is an ideal opportunity to develop their own skills in a relaxed and at the same time intensive training environment or to start with the sport. The golf license can be achieved in as little as seven days of vacation, which various hotels advertise on golf trips. Collaborations with surrounding golf courses have been established so that the green fee is not incurred for every training session.

Depending on the destination, players can obtain the course license throughout the year, which is thanks to particularly warm holiday regions. The favorable location of the golf courses accompanies you to the new level even out of season, with which you can start at the beginning of the season after your vacation. This means that golf trips differ only partially from conventional holidays: the trip to the warmth, however, has a sporting background. If you want to go to the golf resorts of this world alone or with your family, you should keep an eye on the offers of tour operators.

The perfect combination – with relaxation and sport

A golf trip is not always associated with effort. While many hours a day can be invested in sports, the relaxed time-outs are a welcome change. Whether on the beach or pool, swimming and relaxing is not neglected on almost any golf holiday. This makes destinations with both aspects ideal for families in which at least one member wants to focus on the sport. The enthusiasm can quickly rub off, which also offers children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the sport with a coach.

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If you want a little more of the beach in good weather, golf trips are the optimally flexible choice. Here, playtime reservations for the following day allow the journey to and from the golf course to be comfortably accommodated in the quiet everyday holiday routine. If, on the other hand, you want to have more green than sand under your feet, you will not be disappointed either: this is due to the almost continuous offer of training sessions, games and the hotel’s own tournaments. At every level of player, first-class experience can be gained on sometimes large golf courses.

Our conclusion: Golf trips for more variety in everyday holiday life

The advantages of golf trips are varied and at the same time individual for each of us. Nevertheless, playing on foreign courses is an experience that should not be missed, especially abroad. While Germany, Austria and Switzerland can also be destinations for golf trips, it is above all the warm regions in the cold season that are a charming option. Booked on site or in advance, a golf trip can be the long-awaited change for sports-loving holidaymakers. If you are not yet sure, you can find out more about the topic from the usual tour operators.