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Mit dem Wohnwagen flexibel die Urlaubsgegend erkunden, Bild: Andrei Armiagov / shutterstock

Going on holiday with the trailer – the most important precautions for the trip

The more luggage, the more storage space needed. A trailer is a good solution if there is not enough space in the trunk. In order to arrive safely at your destination, preparation is the be-all and end-all. There are questions that need to be answered. Can you drive a trailer? What speed rules apply and what do you have to pay attention to while driving? We have the answers.

The right hitch – securely attach the trailer

Every car has a prescribed towing capacity, which can be towed at the maximum. The drawbar load is the maximum value that may act on the suitable towbar . You have the option of retrofitting a clutch if your car has not yet had one. Rigid and removable variants are available, and there are also swivel models.

When buying, look for good quality, as you want to tow the trailer safely over roads and highways.

The necessary driver’s license – who is allowed to drive the trailer?

Trailer coupling for caravans
A suitable trailer hitch ensures safe driving, Image: Gabor Tinz / shutterstock

With the B and BE driving licences , you are generally allowed to tow a trailer. Class B limits the total weight to 3.5 tonnes, and the trailer load may be 750 kilograms. If the trailer is heavier, it depends on the total weight, which must not be exceeded.

With the BE driving licence, you are allowed to tow trailers that weigh more than 750 kilograms and where the combination exceeds the 3.5 tonne limit. Here, 3.5 t are permissible as an individual weight for the trailer. So you can pull even large motorhomes comfortably on holiday.

Trailer must be approved – like a car

The number of car trailers in Germany is increasing, because the practical benefits are not only clearly noticeable when travelling. In order to be allowed to officially tow the trailer, it needs a registration. For this you need the same documents as for the registration of your car. The contact person is the registration authority, where you must present the vehicle registration document, vehicle registration document and your identity card. Remember that the trailer needs insurance and prove it with the electronic confirmation.

Speed on holiday – this is how you are on the road with a trailer

Camping and travelling by motorhome are more in demand than ever. The most popular holiday countries are the direct neighbouring countries of Germany and Switzerland. If you are driving with a trailer here, take into account the maximum speeds on the road. Here is a small overview of what to consider on the road:

  • Austria – Maximum speed 80 km/h on the motorway
  • Switzerland – Maximum speed 80 km/h
  • Netherlands – with trailer maximum 80 km/h, without 90 km/h
  • France – with trailer 90 km/h
  • Denmark – Maximum speed on the motorway 80 km/h

Before you go on holiday with a motorhome, find out what you need to consider and what the individual regulations are at the respective holiday destination. Also remember to take into account the parking situation. If you have rented a holiday apartment, you can also park there with a trailer (in most cases). The situation is different when the trailer comes into the hotel. Ask in advance what parking options are available.