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Die Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Bild: irisphoto1 / shutterstock

Georgia – The diverse country in the Caucasus

Jörg Martin Dauscher has already visited many interesting countries in his life. Destinations that may not be at the top of everyone’s wish list. With his backpack, he undertook interesting tours through Macedonia, Albania and Ukraine, among other places.

He was also repeatedly drawn to Georgia. He has now written down how multifaceted and diverse the country on the Caucasus is in his book “111 Reasons to Love Georgia”.

In this interview, we talk to the former wine merchant about the advantages and culinary highlights of Georgia.

Jörg Martin Dauscher,
Jörg Martin Dauscher, Image: Phil Dera

Mr. Dauscher, why should you choose Tbilisi (Tbilisi) and not Paris, London or Rome when planning your next city trip?

So nothing against the cities mentioned, but Tbilisi has a similar amount to offer culturally, but is much more vital: the city is currently flourishing. To participate in it, or to experience it, that’s just fun! At the same time, the center of Tbilisi is quite clear and can be experienced on foot.

Which sights should not be missed by the Georgia traveler?

Nature, this tremendously diverse, exuberant nature – especially in the mountains, of course. So at least include a day hike, which also works quite well not far from Tbilisi, for example at Kazbegi or Stepantsminda.

In your opinion, how has tourism in Georgia changed in recent years?

It is exploding, more and more people have discovered the country for themselves – especially because of all the new airlines. Nevertheless, 98% of them are individual tourists who find their way to Georgia. The country is not easy to travel, but it is extremely convenient for people who want to get around on their own. Bring a lot of time, two weeks is the absolute minimum, better three! In July and August, it gets quite crowded in some places, so it’s better to target June and September.

What many people don’t know: Georgia has great and inexpensive ski resorts. You write in your book that Bakuriani is hopelessly overcrowded over New Year’s Eve. What is the best time to travel for winter sports enthusiasts?

Ski Gudauri Georgia
View of the Gudauri ski area, Image: Evgeny Eremeev / shutterstock

Both Gudauri and Mestia and the Tednuldi in Svaneti – although the latter is not really a ski resort in the European sense, it is simply too small and there are only a few lifts, but this makes up for the spectacular nature effortlessly. Bakuriani on New Year’s Eve doesn’t really have to be, but that subsides a week later. The main season in Gudauri is in January and February, but it is never crowded in the European sense. Only on weekends are there more people on the road, because that’s when Tbilisi approaches.

In your book, you name 111 reasons to love Georgia. From your point of view, what is THE most important reason to get to know the country and the culture?

Eieieiei. You write down 111 reasons and then you have to pick one! I can only answer that for myself, and for me the mountains predominate. The High Caucasus is simply phenomenally massive. Must see!

Finally, a culinary question: If you had the choice, which wine would you take? Georgian Mtsvane or Rhine-Hessian Riesling?

You’re asking the completely wrong person! In Georgia definitely the Mtsvane and it can also be the cheap one from the market. In Rheinhessen then the Riesling please, this mighty St. Georgenberg from Pfannebecker, for example, preferably with a few years of maturity!

111 Reasons to Love GeorgiaAbout the author:
JÖRG MARTIN DAUSCHER, born in Franconia in 1975, worked as a wine merchant in Berlin before he took a backpack and left the city. Since then, he has repeatedly been drawn to Georgia, where he lived in mountain villages for months. Dauscher loves the mountains and the sea, he is a passionate hiker and works as an author as well as a journalist and, if necessary, also as a barista, chef or sommelier.

You can order his book 111 Reasons to Love Georgia in specialist shops or on Amazon .