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Das weltgrößte 360°-Panorama „GREAT BARRIER REEF – Wunderwelt Korallenriff“ im Gasometer Pforzheim, Bild: Daniela Samsony

Gasometer Pforzheim

The world’s largest 360° panorama “GREAT BARRIER REEF – Coral Reef Wonderland” will still be on display in 2022.

The world’s largest 360° panorama by artist Yadegar Asisi of the famous Australian coral reef can now be experienced in southern Germany since autumn 2018. With the panorama “GREAT BARRIER REEF – Wonder World Coral Reef”, the Gasometer in Pforzheim presents another highlight after the panorama “ROME 312”, which previously attracted over 650,000 visitors. As the second work by the Berlin artist, the Panorama will be on display at least until 2022 in the listed and extensively renovated former gas storage facility in Pforzheim’s Enzauenpark.

The 35-metre-high and 110-metre-long panorama makes it possible to experience the incomparable beauty and enormous biodiversity of the coral reef northeast of Australia. The most diverse forms of the 2000-kilometre-long underwater ecosystem are shown – artistically condensed – in a giant circular painting. As if from a vantage point below sea level, the submarine world opens up in the Pacific. Asisi’s motivation was his fascination with the diversity and fragile complexity of a habitat that is imperceptible at first glance. On site, you have to go underwater and dive to get a rudimentary impression of the diversity – in the panorama, on the other hand, the perception is total. It is an experience for the whole family.

During the respective holidays, there are always a number of interesting offers – from family tours to inexpensive products in the shop and in the adjoining bistro. Info: www.gasometer-pforzheim.de

The Gasometer Pforzheim is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – unless it is closed due to Corona requirements. Free parking is available in the private garage directly at the entrance.

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