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Plitvicer Seenplatte, Bild: Mada_Cris / shutterstock

Four beautiful places in Europe that you can combine on a round trip!

Europe is full of adventure, cultural wonders, historical highlights and incredible natural spectacles. With an area of 10,530,000 km², Europe covers large parts of the entire mainland. Not least because of this, the locals often only know the immediate neighboring countries. There are great sights to discover all over Europe. The most beautiful 4 places on the continent are listed below.

Best of all, Europe is very well equipped with Internet lines over large parts. This gives users access to their contacts from anywhere, allows them to communicate, play games and go to virtual casinos effortlessly. This is also very popular, because online slots never stand still. Dress code? Closure? Vacation? None of this is available in the online casino. Instead, gamblers from anywhere in Europe can look forward to first-class motifs and great slot themes.

Of course, there is still more in it during the day. With all the many countries in Europe, however, it is very difficult to choose a travel destination, so Europeans prefer to move around in the surrounding area. Why not discover something new? The following article provides the right impulses for an unforgettable holiday in 2023. After that, nothing stands in the way of booking the room in the country of your choice.

1. The Schrecksee – Dream hike in Germany

If you are good on your feet, you should not shy away from exercise. After all, we are not forever young. Wonderful impressions high up in the mountains are therefore not always possible. How nice is it then to benefit from the memories in old age and to enjoy a fulfilled life? The Schrecksee is certainly one of the most beautiful hiking spots in Germany. Many people are not familiar with it, so the hiking route to the Märchensee is not overcrowded.

The situation is different with the Zugspitze. As the highest mountain in Germany, there is a lot of interesting information to report about the Zugspitze and it is certainly worth a trip. However, there are countless hikers there. Day after day, they take the gondolas to the top to take a dream photo. Unfortunately, there is no peace, relaxation and a quiet view at this place. If you like it quieter, you should therefore rather go to the Schrecksee.

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High up at an altitude of over 1,800 m stretches the small and very deep mountain lake. It seems almost mystical. Hikers have to put up with quite a lot of effort for the view of the lake. The exertions don’t seem to end. When they reach the highest point, however, they are shown a miracle. Far away from civilization, in the immediate vicinity of marmots, the lake lies almost asleep at their feet. Travelers will never forget this sight.

2. Coves del Drac – Mallorca with a difference

Dragon's Cave Porto Cristo
The Dragon’s Cave in Porto Cristo, Image: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

If you think of Mallorca primarily as the Ballermann and drunken tourists, you have never looked at the Spanish island from its natural perspective. Mallorca is synonymous with many things, such as fresh orange trees, a beautiful and historically significant monastery, lush rock formations and unique hiking routes. In between all this, the Coves del Drac invite you to visit underground.

The Coves del Drac – also known as the Dragon’s Cave – is one of the most extraordinary caves in Europe. Within the latest magazine articles about Europe , travel enthusiasts will of course find some caves, but the dragon’s cave belongs at the top of the list. It offers its visitors an underground boat trip. In the midst of a light spectacle, soft violins sound. A visit to the Dragon’s Cave is very romantic and certainly very suitable for lovers.

With a length of about 1,200 m, visitors to the cave are prepared for a longer journey through the cave, which is 25 m below the surface. Sturdy shoes and warm clothing are necessary. Even if it is usually summery on the island, it usually gets cold quickly below ground. Visitors are well advised to wear a sweater and a light jacket during the summer months.

3. Plitvice Lakes National Park – natural spectacles for the whole family

Plitvice Lakes National Park is unique in the world. It is located directly in Croatia and is known and loved beyond the country’s borders. It is the oldest and largest national park in the country in terms of area. Visitors definitely have to bring a lot of time and peace and quiet, because there is a lot to discover here.

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The park, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, opened its doors in 1949. Today it has a total size of 300 km², with most of the area falling on a wooded area. Forests have an enormous impact on humans. Even with a short walk, the healing power of the forest unfolds in the body, mind and soul of the person. The oxygen is very beneficial for the internal organs. At the same time, it reaches the brain via the blood, where it contributes to good concentration.

However, Plitvice Lakes can do much more. Here there are wide pasture landscapes to marvel at. In addition, tourists enjoy the turquoise lakes, which serve everywhere as promotional material for one of the most beautiful national parks on earth. Important: When visiting the park, it is important to follow the rules. The taking of animals and plants and the theft of other natural materials are strictly prohibited.

4. Monaco – Casino, Culture and Luxury

View of Monaco, Image: S-F / shutterstock

Fancy an evening in the middle of a small, big metropolis for pure art, culture and luxury? Then off to Monaco. Life is raging in Monaco. Here, in the midst of the rich and famous, huge yachts dock every day. They are the main attraction for visitors. Where rich people live, there are of course many shopping offers and so even people with a medium budget get their money’s worth.

Monaco also has an attractive range of games of chance. Tourists look forward to a great range of games in local casinos in the evening hours. Locals, on the other hand, are prohibited from playing for luck. This makes the casino even more interesting for travelers. Important: In Monaco, it is mandatory to comply with the dress code when entering the casino. If necessary, visitors find out before arrival what dress code the operator prescribes.

In the evening hours, however, bars, clubs and restaurants also have great offers. Of course, Monaco is also child-friendly. Thus, the trip to the most beautiful area of Europe is ideal for young and old visitors. Ideally, tourists choose the summer months for a stay in Monaco. Then they can also look at nature from all sides.