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Seychellen, Paradies im Indischen Ozean, Bild: proslgn / shutterstock

Dream holiday in paradise: last-minute offers in the Seychelles

When someone thinks of white islands jutting out of clear blue water, a gentle breeze, seabirds and a tropical backdrop, they probably unconsciously or consciously think of the Seychelles. The island state in the Indian Ocean is considered a holiday paradise par excellence.

Discover the Seychelles last-minute

For those whose heart drives into the distance to distant beaches and tropical landscapes, there are last-minute offers in the Seychelles at. Book the hotel together with your flight to spontaneously explore the holiday paradise on your own. Liner ships take you from one island to another, the local diving schools have the right equipment for snorkeling and diving ready or you can spend relaxing days on one of the numerous beaches. The capital Victoria is a good starting point for the voyages of discovery with its many markets, colonial architecture, shops and restaurants. The smallest capital in the world – the population is just 30,000 inhabitants – has, among other sights, an exotic spice garden, which is home to animals such as geckos or the famous giant tortoise. By bike from one of the many bike rentals, you can have circumnavigated the island in just under three hours.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

The island state, located off the coast of Africa, consists of more than 100 islands and atolls. The area is divided into Inner and Out Islands. Mahé, the largest island in the country with just 145 square kilometers, is one of the Inner Islands and is also home to the capital Victoria. If you arrive by plane, you first arrive at the airport south of the city. Apart from the wooded mountains in the hinterland of the island, holidaymakers are mainly drawn to the long sandy beaches. The beach Anse Source d’Argent on the island of La Digue is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in the world and repeatedly serves as a backdrop in commercials.

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Various activities

Whether on foot, by bike or by rental car, all over the islands there are fantastic sights, picturesque small villages, tea plantations, tropical forests and mountains. The clear waters and coral reefs are perfect for snorkeling and diving. Nature photographers get their money’s worth, especially within the islands in the mountains and forests. The Seychelles are home to some unique animal and plant species, such as the giant tortoise or the Seychelles palm known as “Coco de Mer”.