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Panoramablick über Dachau, Bild: streetflash / shutterstock

Discover Dachau – this is what the small town has to offer

Dachau has less than 50,000 inhabitants and is only a stone’s throw away from Munich. If you’ve always wanted to visit the Bavarian capital, but want a little more peace and quiet, you’re in good hands here. In addition, Dachau also offers some sights and a memorial from the Nazi era.

Dachau and its sights

The small town of Dachau is best known for its dark history. But it has much more to offer than that. For example, it attracts with a quaint old town and an imposing castle. Not to be forgotten is the immediate proximity to Munich. By public transport, travelers can reach Munich city center within a good quarter of an hour. So it can make sense to stay in Dachau. After all, it can take just as long from the Munich suburbs to the city center. Especially for business travelers who are staying in the area for a longer period of time, it is very practical to look for a hotel in Dachau and commute from there to the Bavarian capital. If you are already here, you should definitely take a look around the small town. There is a lot to see there!

Stroll through the picturesque old town in the heart of Dachau

Dachau’s well-preserved old town invites you to take a relaxing walk between numerous historic houses. Particularly worth seeing are the old town hall or the small customs house on Karlsberg, which is adorned with light blue shutters and a yellow façade. At the Zieglerbräu brewery inn, visitors can enjoy Bavarian food and delicious wheat beer.

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In the footsteps of the Dachau artists’ colony

Art lovers should not miss the picture gallery in the old town. It offers an insight into the work of the Dachau artists’ colony, which was active in the city around 1900. In addition, works of art from other European artists’ colonies can be admired in changing exhibitions.

Enjoy the view of the Alps from the courtyard garden of Dachau Castle

It is not only in the old town that there are historic buildings to discover. Dachau Castle is also well worth seeing. It dates back to the High Middle Ages and is composed of four large wings. The building’s ballroom is an absolute highlight due to its coffered ceiling in the Renaissance style. The extensive courtyard garden also inspires its numerous visitors. The view of the Alps is particularly spectacular. If you want, you can make yourself comfortable on a bench and enjoy the panoramic view in peace and quiet.

Visit the Dachau-Ost Concentration Camp Memorial

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial
Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, Image: Zack Frank / shutterstock

The former Dachau concentration camp should not go unmentioned. The historic site tells a piece of contemporary history and at the same time serves as a memorial to the atrocities of the Nazi era and as a memorial for the numerous victims. In the permanent exhibition, visitors learn more about the fate of the prisoners. In addition, there are various special exhibitions with changing themes.