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Bild: Victor Maschek / shutterstock

Cuba discovery tour in the north

Are you interested in a holiday on the Caribbean island of Cuba and would like to receive more important information about the country, the culture and the local conditions? In the following, you will be presented with the perfect beginner’s round trip with approx. 14 days and departure from/to Havana. A mixture of city, nature and beach is optimally combined here. Join us on an eventful Cuba discovery tour.

The individual stops of the round trip are easy to manage by bus (Viazul) (advance reservation is highly recommended here) and are very inexpensive. Would you like to do the round trip independently by car? Don’t be surprised about the high car rental prices. Cuba is not a destination designed for rental car tours. The selection of cars is very limited and the quality is not comparable to European standards.


Havana, Image: YU_M / shutterstock

A visit to the capital Havana on your Cuba vacation is an absolute must. The small alleys are characterized by American vintage cars and colorful houses in need of renovation, which nevertheless exude a very special charm. On every corner you can hear typical Cuban music.

Locals and visitors dance salsa on the street to the live music of a traditional Cuban band, spectators drink mojito and bob to the beat. The positive attitude to life, the enthusiasm for music and the uncomplicated way of life of the Cubans can be felt everywhere. You will quickly give up the search for tourist shops or European super markets, because Havana is different – in a positive sense.

Be prepared for the fact that you can only get selected food in the living room next door, which has been converted into a small shop. The products are classified in sales, which means that travelers and locals do not get the same thing in the store every day. Fruit and vegetables – of course only seasonal – are best bought from the friendly Cuban street vendors.

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Import and export are severely restricted in the country due to the political conditions. The socialist system is still clearly noticeable here. But isn’t that why it makes the country particularly interesting and attractive?

By the way, a ferry ride to the other side of the city to Casa Blanca is also very worthwhile. The cost of the public ferry is limited to a few euros. On a hill stands a large sculpture of Jesus that watches over the bay of Havana. An impressive photo motif of the city is guaranteed here! If you feel like a bit of history, you can also take a look at the former home of the famous freedom fighter “Che Guevara”, who still stands for communism in the country and is celebrated as a national hero by young and old. “La Cabana de Che Guevara” is located right next to the Jesus statue and now houses a museum.

Cuba Discovery Tour: Valle de Viñales

Valle de Vinales
Valle de Viñales, Image: Marc Venema / shutterstock

After the intense impressions of the capital, a trip into nature is the perfect contrast. The Valley of Viñales can be reached from Havana in two hours, perfect for a day trip. Nature is unique and overwhelming. The typical limestone mountains, which stand like sugar loafs on a plain, exist only twice in the world: in Vinales in Cuba and in Halong Bay in northeastern Vietnam.

With a horseback ride or a guided tour, you can explore all the beauty of the region in one day. You can easily book various worthwhile excursions in most hotels or tourist offices. A visit to a tobacco plantation and/or a cigar factory is usually integrated and very interesting, because the region is famous for this.
So if you are thinking about a souvenir for those who stayed at home – this would be the perfect place to shop. Cigars, rum, honey and coffee from the region taste great and are also the typical products of Cuba.

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Trinidad, Image: rphstock / shutterstock

If you want to explore another city that is well worth seeing, Trinidad is a good place to complement it. Take advantage of the opportunity of an excursion here and stay in the city for several days. A direct bus connection is possible from Havana and takes about six hours. Day trips to Trinidad are also offered from Varadero , which is not recommended due to the distance. In addition, the city offers the perfect backdrop for salsa dancing in the evening with many great locations – of course it’s also worth watching here.

Trinidad has a more southern feel than Havana and is known for its colorful houses that shine in all colors. It is also a little more touristy. You will find a few souvenir shops and some European-inspired restaurants. If you stay for several days, there are excursions to various small and large waterfalls in the region, with the possibility of swimming. The nearby “Playa Ancon” is also highly recommended as a beach day, because it is very spacious, fine sand and has fantastic clear water to offer.

A very special tip: You should definitely try the famous cocktail “Canchanchara” in the small bar “La Chanchanchara“. The drink is typical of the city, is served in small pretty clay cups and tastes great!