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Blick auf Havanna in Kuba, Bild: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Cuba – Discovery on the Island of Contrasts

Cuba’s sights are on the one hand the cities with their magnificent, partly dilapidated colonial buildings. On the other hand, you can experience and enjoy a dreamlike nature with endless white beaches and exotic national parks in Cuba.
The mentality of the Cubans, which is characterized by joie de vivre and melancholy at the same time, can be felt everywhere, even in the traditional music of the country, the Son Cubano.

Get to know Cuba on a round trip

To get to know Cuba , it is advisable to book a rental car. This is the most flexible. Alternatively, the state-owned tourist bus companies come into question. Or you can book an organized round trip. No matter which type of travel you prefer, the travel agency Kuba Individual will be happy to help you plan and book a Cuba trip.

No one can escape Havana’s morbid charm

Anyone who has ever been to the capital recommends taking several days for Havana. A whole day is spent exploring the historic old town. With its many colonial buildings, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Only a few of the houses have been renovated, sometimes only the façade. Some are even closed due to the risk of collapse.

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The cityscape is also characterized by the ubiquitous American 50s classic cars, which are colorful and just roadworthy on the streets of the city.

The kilometre-long Malecón waterfront, which is also popular with the locals, invites you to take long walks. It is a promenade, romantic meeting place and fishing quay at the same time.

Trinidad – the most beautiful city in Cuba

Trinidad in Cuba
Trinidad, Image: rphstock / shutterstock

Trinidad on the south coast is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its colonial buildings and cobblestone streets and alleys. The condition of the historic buildings here is far better than in Havana. There are hardly any cars in the old town, instead horse-drawn carriages are on the road. Bars invite you to dance with their typical Cuban rhythms.

The city owed its wealth at that time and still visible today to the cultivation of sugar cane and the flourishing slave trade.

Not far from the city there are beautiful Caribbean beaches to discover. Excursions to the surrounding area of the city are also recommended for hiking and horseback riding.

In the former capital, the topic of the Cuban revolution dominates

Fidel Castro proclaimed the victory of the Cuban Revolution over the Batista regime in Santiago de Cuba in 1959. References to the revolution can be found everywhere in the city. Next to it you can see the typical colonial buildings again. Instead of vintage cars or horse-drawn carriages, there are many scooters on the roads here.

From Santiago comes the Son, the typical Cuban style of music, which most people know from the world-famous Buena Vista Social Club. A visit to the bar to listen to music and dance is clearly a must here.

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Hiking in exotic nature parks

One of the most beautiful natural parks is certainly Topes de Collantes not far from the city of Trinidad. There are a variety of hiking trails here that lead to waterfalls, rivers and natural pools. In addition to sufficient provisions, you should definitely pack your swimsuit. The hiking routes are of varying degrees of difficulty, which should be included in the planning.

The Valle de Viñales is known for tobacco and vegetable cultivation, where 80 percent of Cuban tobacco is grown. Green karst formations with natural caves run through the landscape, giving it an exotic flair.

The Alejandro de Humboldt Nature Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the greatest biodiversity of plants and animals in Cuba. On a guided hike, you can marvel at manatees, flamingos and hummingbirds, among other things. There are also natural pools in this park that invite you to swim.

Swimming, diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea

As an island, Cuba naturally has many beaches to offer. Everyone has probably heard of Varadero . However, there are countless beaches to discover away from the tourist crowds. You can often swim idyllically on the smaller islands off the coast of Cuba. Diving and snorkeling can also be done here undisturbed.

If you like it a little busier and want to meet locals, you will find several beautiful beaches at Playa del Este near Havana.

Get to know Cuba in all its facets

All parts of the country have fascinating architecture, culture and nature to offer. To experience Cuba’s sights and not miss anything exciting, a round trip is a good idea. These can be booked here , for example.