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Blue Lagoon, Bild: aerocaminua / shutterstock

Croatia – Dalmatia’s diversity

Would you like to go on holiday by car this summer holiday and avoid flying? Croatia offers the ideal destination for every holiday idea, because the diversity and landscapes of this country are incomparable and are among the most varied in Europe. Here you realize again that you don’t have to fly far to discover the natural beauties of this earth.

Plitzvice Lake District
Plitvice Lake District, Image: Mada_Cris / shutterstock

Let’s start in the north of Croatia: By car, it is definitely worth taking a detour to the famous Plitvice Lake District. You should plan at least one day here, because the imposing national park offers an incredible variety of nature and is characterized by countless waterfalls, lakes and small rivers. Nature lovers will probably take their breath away. The crystal-clear water and the contrasting lush green nature interspersed with waterfalls and stone rocks is something very special. It is not for nothing that this park has been declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known worldwide. Various hiking trails run along the shore or offer the opportunity to cross the water through stone steps. Important: There is no swimming opportunity in the national park.

The Plitvice Lakes have become very touristy, so a visit during the week is recommended. Apart from the Lake District, the north is much less visited than the south of the country, where most of the tourist resorts and beaches are located.

Dalmatia, Image: Kite_rin / shutterstock

Once in Dalmatia, it is advisable to book accommodation in a central location, for example in Makarska , and take day trips to the region. If you are in the mood for a sailing trip: The Dalmatia region is absolutely recommended! Due to the more than 1,000 offshore islands, you have the opportunity to get to the most untouched spots by sailboat, enjoy the play of colors of the water in all its splendor and avoid tourism on the coast. By the way, you can also easily book a skipper who will drive you safely through the Adriatic Sea. Professional companions usually have a separate area at the front of the boats, so that you can still enjoy your holiday undisturbed. Especially for larger groups, a blessing trip is particularly worthwhile in terms of price. During nice evenings in the Croatian ports, you will get to know many different holidaymakers from all over the world, because sailing connects!

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By sailboat, but also as an excursion on a tourist boat from Split or Trogir (15 and 7 km away), you have the opportunity to get to an absolutely paradisiacal place: The “Blue Lagoon“. The lagoon is part of a beach on the small island “Drvenik Veli”, in front of which you can anchor very well. The different colors of the sea are particularly pronounced here and it is fantastic to spend a day here in, on and under water. You will find the perfect conditions for SUP, snorkeling, swimming or sunbathing. For lunch, small fish restaurants are available on the beach. Word of the beauty of the lagoon has gotten around, so the same applies here: Avoid the holiday periods and weekends if you have alternative options.


Trogir, Dalmatia
Trogir, Dalmatia, Image: Alexey Fedorenko / shutterstock

Would you like to take a leisurely, evening stroll through the city during your holiday? Would you like to visit a small market and then enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine? Then the small town of Trogir is highly recommended! The small Trogir, characterized by Venetian features, is sometimes forgotten due to the nearest city of Split (30 km away). This beautiful little town has a very special flair and has even been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The enchanted alleys, the hip restaurants and boutiques, live concerts on the street and the small harbour make this place an absolute highlight. Compared to Split, a stroll through the city or a relaxed evening at the harbor is much less stressful and contemplative. It is especially worthwhile to browse through the many small art shops, look for particularly individual treasures and get involved in a conversation with the local traders. The special hospitality of the Croats is more than clear here. A good restaurant tip (although not typically Croatian): The hip restaurant “Bubalus Burger Bar”.

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If you want to use Trogir as a full-day trip, this is of course also possible without any problems. The town is connected to the Ciovo peninsula by a bridge, where you will find perfect swimming spots with turquoise sea! Thanks to access aids directly into the sea, the stony coast is no problem at all.

Island of Brač

Brac, Dalmatia
Brač, Image: paul prescott / shutterstock

Probably the most beautiful beach in the region is the island of Brač with the so-called “Golden Horn”. The island is located directly in front of the city of Split and can be easily reached from there by car ferry. The beach has the shape of a horn – hence the name – and protrudes several hundred meters into the sea, so that beach sections can be reached from both sides. Especially at the top of the horn, you will find the wonderful color of the sea typical of Croatia. Water sports enthusiasts such as kitesurfers in particular get their money’s worth here. There are some small restaurants and beach bars on the peninsula, so that the physical well-being is also taken care of.

Krka National Park

A detour to the “Krka National Park” should not be missed in any Croatia holiday! The park has one of the best-preserved ecosystems in the country and is a waterfall lover’s dream. Unlike Plitvice Lakes, you can even get into the cold water and swim to various waterfalls! Of course, word of the beauty of the park has gotten around in the meantime, so that there are quite a few tourists in the summer months. Be sure to plan the whole day in the national park – it’s worth it. With long hikes, idyllic walks, swimming stops and breaks in various restaurants, a day in this dreamlike setting can be easily filled.