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Parken am Flughafen, Bild: SARYMSAKOV ANDREY / shutterstock

Cheap parking at the airport and relaxed on holiday

Just quickly look for a parking space at the airport and then off you go on your long-awaited vacation? The best parking spaces will already be gone and you will have to pay a price that is way too high. If you don’t want to blow your travel budget while parking at the airport, here are a few tips for you. So you can start your journey completely relaxed.

How do I find the cheapest parking options at the airport?

The prices for parking spaces at German airports vary greatly, which is why you should look for an offer before your trip. The earlier you book the parking space, the cheaper it will be. And this is how it works:

  1. Select your departure airport in the comparison portal and enter flight details.
  2. Compare providers at the airport – choose a service that suits you.
  3. Reserve the parking space online.
  4. You will receive the booking confirmation by e-mail.

Saving costs – how does it work?

The short-term parking spaces directly at the terminal are the first port of call for many travellers. But in fact, the short-term parking spaces are designed to drop off travelers or pick them up after a relaxing vacation. It is strongly advised not to use these parking spaces if you are in a hurry or if you are running late. We therefore recommend planning in good time. The prices are cheapest if you reserve a parking space a few months in advance. You can use alternative Park & Fly offers at many airports, which are usually cheaper.

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What alternative parking options are there?

There are various parking options available at the airport, which vary in price and service. Below, we’ve compared the three most common ones so you can find out what suits you best.

Park & Walk

If you want to leave your vehicle at the airport, you can use the parking garages or parking spaces on site at the airport. These are usually within walking distance and therefore usually expensive. Due to the proximity to the airport, you have a high degree of flexibility and can decide for yourself when you want to arrive.

Parking with shuttle service

With the shuttle service, you can drive your car to the parking area and park it there. These parking spaces are often not accessible on foot, which is why the additional service is offered. You will then be driven to your terminal by shuttle or bus. When you return from your holiday, this shuttle will pick you up directly at the airport and take you to your car. The cost of the shuttle ride is already included in the parking fees.

Parking with valet service

Parking with valet service offers you a high level of comfort and additional security for your car. You drive your car to the airport terminal and can hand it over to a parking lot employee. The employee will then park your car in one of the designated parking spaces. The valet service is insured and your car is covered against damage on the crossing to the car park. This parking option saves time and allows you to get your journey off to a relaxed start.

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Parking at Frankfurt am Main Airport

Frankfurt am Main is Germany’s largest airport and offers you a variety of destinations, but can also quickly become confusing. There, the prices for parking spaces vary greatly, as the cheap parking spaces sell out quickly. In order for you to find an affordable parking space, we recommend that you compare the prices here.

Due to the distance to the airport, alternative parking options such as a shuttle service are often cheaper. In addition, the prices on site in the car park are not transparent for you as a guest, as the parking prices fluctuate constantly. Especially at Frankfurt am Main Airport, you should book a parking space in good time and early, as the traffic on site is high.

In a nutshell

➤ Planning is everything! It is best to book a parking space when booking the flight.

➤ Be sure to compare the offers beforehand and reserve in advance.

➤ Use alternative parking options.