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Pointe du Toulinguet, ein Vorgebirge am Ende der Halbinsel Crozon, Bild: Aleksey Stemmer / shutterstock

Brittany – Summer, Sun & Seafood

Brittany, France’s largest peninsula in the west, enchants with rugged coasts and a gently hilly hinterland. Rennes is the capital of the region.
For all visitors who appreciate excellent food in addition to sunshine, fresh wind and blue sea, Brittany is just the right place. Because nowhere does seafood taste better.

Get to know Brittany

Côte de Granit Rose means Pink Granite Coast in German – and all around it, azure blue sea, the finest sand and pink granite rocks unite in perfect harmony. If you have had enough of the beautiful beach promenade of the seaside resort of Perros-Guirec, you can start a short hike on the time-honoured customs officers’ path or by car in the direction of Mont St-Michel. Strictly speaking, the famous rock is located just outside Brittany – nevertheless, a visit to the famous monastery rock is part of almost every visit program. With the Ville close , you can see the former corsair stronghold of St-Malo – today the visitor experiences cultivated French hospitality here.

It gets wilder on the far western coast with its numerous lighthouses, where the Pointe de St-Mathieu is considered the most spectacular sightseeing highlight. Art and architecture enthusiasts can visit the enclosed parishes around Guimiliau and St-Thégonnec as well as the impressive megalithic monuments of Carnac.

Of course, total shopping and cultural enjoyment are the order of the day in Rennes, where a belt of particularly imposing fortresses is reminiscent of ancient times, during which the city had to protect itself against the predatory Normans. The most beautiful treasure of Rennes are the highly interesting museums and a romantic hinterland, in whose dense forests the King Arthur saga takes place.
The old town of Concarneaus is also considered a cultural hotspot – and once you’re there, you shouldn’t ignore the neighbouring beautiful old artists’ village of Point-Aven.

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For beach vacationers, hiking enthusiasts and cyclists

Those who appreciate the power of the tides will love the beaches of Dinard in the north. On the other hand, the Côte de Granit Rose has idyllic bays – and towards the west it gradually becomes more lonely. Some beautiful Breton coastlines have wonderful colours and Caribbean flair – the fine sandy beaches on the Crozon Peninsula, the coast near Concarneau and the Maie d’Audierne are particularly beautiful.

The rule of thumb, according to which wildly romantic and windswept cliffs are on the weather side, applies to both the south and the west. They are more suitable for active water sports enthusiasts than for relaxed beach holidaymakers, who are in good hands on the eastern beaches on the Quiberon peninsula, especially with children.

Brittany, L'Arche de Port Blanc
L’Arche de Port Blanc, Image: DaLiu / shutterstock

For all hiking enthusiasts , the customs officers’ path can be recommended, which leads from St-Brieuc to Morlaix, with the most beautiful part being between Perros-Guirec and Ploumanac’h. Hikers also get their money’s worth on the west coast, for example at Cap Sizum, Cap de la Cèvre or on the west coast of the Quiberon peninsula.

Cyclists should be well conditioned, because gradients, wind and weather could make their passion difficult. Nevertheless, the 45-kilometre circuit around Belle-Île, whose wild west side is a surfer’s paradise, is considered a real paradise for cyclists.

Gourmet tips and nightlife in Brittany

Brittany, parc du Thabor
The parc du Thabor in the capital Rennes, Image: Kiev.Victor / shutterstock

Rennes and the port city of Brest offer night owls various clubs and bars, but you will have to look for flashy establishments in the region for a long time. For gourmets, on the other hand, Brittany is considered a special hotspot: While galettes, crêpes and cider can be found on almost every street corner, it’s best to take plenty of time to enjoy famous specialities: delicacies include the particularly hearty fish specialities in Douarnenez, the fresh oysters from the former pirate nest of Cancale and delicious, aromatic strawberries from the Plougastel peninsula.
In general, the desserts of Brittany – the butter cake called Kouign amann is simply to die for.

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