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Amouliani, Bild: Heracles Kritikos / shutterstock

Amouliani – the small island paradise in the north of Greece

Located in the Halkidiki region, the small island of Amouliani is a real insider tip. As the only inhabited island in the region, the idyllic island paradise proves to be a very special destination in the northern Aegean.

Just about 600 inhabitants live permanently on the island, which was first connected to the power grid in 1973. Characterized by beautiful beaches, olive groves and the small town of Amouliani at first glance. Fortunately, the island was spared from building sins in the form of oversized hotel complexes. Nevertheless, the largely natural island has a good infrastructure and from the classic supermarket to souvenir shops to traditional taverns and cozy cafés, the island towns offer everything desirable.

Just twelve square metres in size, the island with its postcard beaches is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of the mainland beaches and relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere. The island paradise, which has only been inhabited since 1922, can be reached by ferry from Trypiti or Quranoupolis.

The transformation from an uninhabited island to a holiday paradise

To this day, Amouliani is more of an insider tip even among the inhabitants of Greece. Until the early 1900s, the island was owned by the Vatopedi Monastery. After the Greco-Turkish War, the island was left in 1925 to refugee families coming from the Proponti Islands, who lived a very simple life without electricity until 1973. Since then, a lot has changed on the island and Amouliani has become an interesting destination and excursion destination due to its beautiful beaches. Nevertheless, the rather unknown island is not overcrowded, but has been able to retain its very special charm. Ammouliani town is still the only settlement on the idyllic island.

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The most beautiful beaches on the island

Amouliani, Greece
Amouliani scores with great beaches, Bild_ BGStock72 / shutterstock

Ammouliani offers a large number of fine sandy beaches that gently slope into the crystal clear waters. In addition to the main beaches of the island, there are also many small secluded bays, some of which can only be reached by boat and are hardly visited.

With its unique atmosphere, the island beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Halkidiki region. The beach is particularly popular with families, but couples and singles seeking relaxation also feel completely at home here. Along the beach there are some beach bars that invite you to treat yourself to a refreshment. In addition, sunbeds and parasols are offered on the beach, sanitary facilities are available and a beach restaurant takes care of the physical well-being. Alykes Beach is also the ideal place to go for water sports enthusiasts.

Like Alykes Beach, Paralia Karagatsia is also easily accessible. With its small bays and turquoise waters, the beach is particularly picturesque. Nevertheless, no one has to do without comfort here, because on this beach you will also find all the desirable amenities that make a visit to the beach a pleasure.

But even those who prefer natural beaches will love the beaches of Amouliani Island. Among other things, the natural Tsaska Beach near the small island town or the pleasantly quiet Tratovoli Beach beckons. Faka Beach is also one of the most beautiful natural beaches. But in the end, all the beaches of the island are magical, so that sun worshippers, relaxation seekers and water sports enthusiasts can enjoy a holiday on Amouliani carefree.

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Drenia and Pena – the uninhabited neighboring islands

In the immediate vicinity of Ammouliani are the two islands of Drenia and Pena, which are still uninhabited today. Both islands can be reached in a few minutes by motorboat. While the beaches of the islands are managed, the islands away from the beaches are natural.

The holy Mount Athos and the autonomous monastic republic

The history of the fertile island of Amouliani is, as already mentioned, closely linked to the history of the monastery of Vatoped. While in the past the monks came to the island to farm, today it is a good idea to visit the “Holy Mountain” Athos during a holiday on Amouliani. This is located in the south of the peninsula of Halkidiki. The autonomous monastic republic stretches around the 2,000-metre-high mountain, which consists of a total of 20 large monasteries that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. To this day, women are denied access to the monasteries of the monastic republic. Men, on the other hand, can generally apply for a visa for a visit, although only 120 visitors are admitted per day and only 10 of these places are to be allocated to visitors from abroad. It is still worth planning a guided day trip by boat to the coast of Athos, because even from a distance, the important monastic complexes and their history are impressive.