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Backpacking auf Hawaii, Bild: KieferPix / shutterstock

5 tips for backpacking in Hawaii – what you should pay attention to

Hawaii is not one of the most popular backpacking destinations due to the relatively high costs. On the other hand, the island chain offers fantastic nature and the best conditions for unforgettable outdoor activities. For this reason, there are still many backpackers who decide to vacation in Hawaii. Basically, there is nothing wrong with it, but as with other destinations, there are a few things to consider, which is why we have compiled 5 tips for backpacking in Hawaii in this article.

Read testimonials

Before you get started with Hawaii backpacking , you should first find out how the whole thing works. The best way to do this is to read testimonials. Experience reports will give you a good overview of how certain things work on a backpacking vacation in Hawaii. This can help you make the right decisions. In addition, you will be able to better assess whether a trip to Hawaii really suits you.

Don’t swim everywhere

Hawaii Botanical Garden in Kaneohe, Oahu
The Botanical Garden in Kaneohe, Oahu, Image: Shane Myers Photography / shutterstock

Hawaii without swimming? Most backpackers probably can’t imagine that. However, you should be aware that you should not swim in all places. As with some other destinations in America , there are many bodies of water in Hawaii – for example, waterfall pools – that are “contaminated” with leptospira bacteria. These bacteria can cause the infectious disease leptospirosis – a potentially lethal disease. It is therefore better if you swim mainly on the beach.

Always take enough provisions with you

Hiking in the great outdoors of Hawaii sounds like a beautiful dream to many. This dream can be fulfilled, but you should never go on a hike without provisions. Be sure to take enough food and especially water with you. Deaths from dehydration are unfortunately not uncommon, which should not be ignored in view of the high temperatures in Hawaii. So always take enough provisions with you and be back before nightfall, as unknown paths in the dark are anything but pleasant.

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Protect yourself from the sun

The high temperatures in Hawaii are without question a good thing and one of the main reasons why tourists from all over the world are drawn to the island paradise year after year. However, you should not neglect the risks of UV radiation , but always ensure sufficient protection. Sunscreen is an absolute must, otherwise it can lead to severe sunburns or even serious conditions such as skin cancer.

Don’t be too daring

In itself, Hawaii is not too dangerous, but you should not be too daring, because the unruly nature can be a big risk. For this reason, it is better to go on hikes or outdoor activities together with one or more other people. If an accident occurs, you can be sure that someone will call for help. If, on the other hand, you are alone, you will quickly find yourself in a hopeless situation. So don’t be too daring, but calculate potential risks – then nothing should stand in the way of an unforgettable backpacking tour.