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Besondere Betriebsausflüge sorgen für ein tolles Arbeitsklima und Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl, Bild: Rawpixel.com / shutterstock

Three strong company outings in 2021 – finally getting out together again

We have been living in a very unusual situation for more than a year – one lockdown followed the next and personal contact with our fellow human beings, work colleagues and friends has been neglected. Reason enough, then, to be able to take a deep breath again. Summer is here and with it we are all happy to be able to get out again: whether in nature, in the city or at the lake it doesn’t matter for the time being – the main thing is that we are together again.

What is important for each and every one of us privately is all the more important for the job. We have now seen enough of our colleagues in front of the camera in the home office. Now it’s time to get out again and enjoy the summer together – for example, at exciting

company outing ideas

that will become a real hit, especially in summer 2021. We take a look at three of the best company outings and tell you about our experience:

1. Off-road through the terrain of the Eifel

The Eifel is embedded in western Germany and is divided into the North Eifel and Volcanic Eifel and stretches from north to south on a line from Euskirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia almost to Trier. Many also speak of the South Eifel when it comes to the geographical area in Bitburg in Rhineland-Palatinate. We dared to take part in an off-road challenge on Polaris vehicles and raced cross-country through nature. The team event provides adrenaline and a lot of fun, although you don’t necessarily have to be very sporty to participate.

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We steered the vehicles ourselves and thus made our way through rough terrain deep in the Eifel. In between, we stopped and were able to enjoy bread on a stick at the campfire at the edge of a cave. If you want, you can abseil down a cliff that goes down about 20 meters – it’s a real adrenaline rush. Finally, we enjoyed a picnic at a lake and learned how to build a raft. In the best weather, we then ventured out onto the lake with our watercraft, which meant a wet adventure for some of us. Due to the perfect weather we were able to dry quickly and the barbecue in the evening inspired everyone once again.

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the off-road rally through the Eifel

2. Scavenger hunt with app through the city

First of all: if someone thinks that a scavenger hunt is only for children, you are far from it. We are absolutely thrilled with this company outing, which, by the way, can take place almost anywhere. We booked the scavenger hunt in Cologne and were able to see various hot spots up close. We started at the cathedral in Cologne – during the first tasks we already noticed that real Cologne knowledge is not really available – but we still did well. The scavenger hunt is carried out with an innovative app and includes quiz questions, some of which are very funny, music rate games, video challenges and portrait shots. We played in two teams to strengthen the challenge character.

The scavenger hunt led us along the Rhine towards Cologne’s old town. Fortunately, the local restaurateurs were allowed to reopen, at least in the outdoor area, which is why we were able to enjoy a few “snacks”. Exciting tasks were also partly physical puzzles, in which we had to draw certain caricatures and thus create connections.

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The app is very easy to understand and we were thrilled. You can use the app for private events. Best of all, it is free of charge for private users, so you can also spontaneously design the children’s birthday party innovatively at any time.

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the scavenger hunt with app

Beach party or farm event as a company outing

The combination sounds a bit crazy, but both topics for company outings have so much in common. Because both team events are about winning. At the Beach Olympics and Farm Olympics, we showed who is physically and mentally ahead of the others. At the Farmers’ Olympics, wheelbarrow races, rubber boot throwing and, as the supreme discipline, cow milking competitions on a noble wooden cow called “b-etty” are not neglected. On the other hand, it is different at the Beach Olympics, where the aim is to knock over the opposing team in the sand in a tug-of-war or to compete together and against each other in beach volleyball games.

Both company outings also have it in terms of culinary delights: a barbecue awaits all guests at the end, cool drinks throughout the day and music ensures the best atmosphere. For us, this is a reason to plan both events again, as they – like the other tips – last a whole day and really provide distraction.

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It felt like we had survived the pandemic, at least for a few hours. Despite the distance, these company outings not only offer fun and entertainment, but also provide more motivation in the team. Everyone is carried away by the group idea – this has flipped the switch for us and shown us that it is best to be outdoors together.