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Tal von Viñales, Bild: oliverdelahaye / shutterstock

One of the most impressive landscapes in Cuba – the Viñales Valley

Cuba is not just rum, Fidel Castro and old cars. In the interior of the island, too, you can discover wonderful areas full of fascination. The Valle de Viñales is one of the absolute sights in Cuba. The valley is by far one of the most beautiful areas on the Caribbean island. The surrealist rocky hills provide a particularly exotic flair. In Spanish, the lush green rocks are called “Mogotes”. The whole valley is a dream of jungle, palm trees and tobacco fields.

Fog, birds and UNESCO heritage

The valley is located in the Sierra de los Órgenos in the western part of Cuba. Lush and dense greenery attracts not only tourists. The valley is home to 64 species of tropical birds. This magical and unspoiled area has been under the patronage of UNESCO since 1999. It is entitled “Cultural Landscape of Humanity.” Majestic nature, romantic fog and mysterious rocks – all this makes this region the pearl of Cuba.

A variety of caves and grottos attract not only bats!

The valley is a unique attraction for tourists because of the numerous caves and secret underground passages. The largest cave, Cuevas de Santo Tomas, is definitely worth a visit. It consists of 45 km of corridors, lakes and chambers. When visiting the cave, the accompaniment of a guide is mandatory. The Indian Cave is also worth a visit. This small cave is very suitable for tours with the whole family. Even small children have fun here. There is even a bar in the cave of San-Miguel. An unforgettable, magical place.

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New Year’s Eve party in Cuban

Many of the caves offer unparalleled fun. After all, who among us has ever celebrated New Year’s Eve in a cave? This adventure is possible in the valley of Viñales. Every Saturday you can also enjoy Cuban music in the caves. The show always starts with a fire show. Thrills guaranteed.

Tobacco, honey and a student of the world-famous artist Diego Rivera

Traditional country house and plantations in the Viñales Valley in Cuba, known for its mountains and tobacco
Traditional country house and plantations in the Viñales Valley in Cuba, known for its mountains and tobacco, Image: Kamira / shutterstock

The valley is famous for its tobacco cultivation. The perfect climate produces the best tobacco in the world. Here, the tobacco plant is still grown in the traditional way. The locals still work with the plough and the power of an ox. One of the outstanding product clay steps is the soaking of the tobacco leaves in rum. When rolling up the legendary cigar, local honey is used as an adhesive. This gives the tobacco its unique aroma. Of course, strict attention is paid to organic quality in all production steps. A special attraction is also a huge rock painting of gigantic proportions. The painting was commissioned by Fidel Castro. One of the painters of the “Mural of Prehistory” was Leovigildo Gonzales Morillo. He was a student of Diego Riviera, the world-famous Mexican painter. The 120-metre-long work is by far the largest open-air fresco in the world.

Here you can find the world’s best coffee and rum!

The valley is crisscrossed by endless coffee plantations. Cubans are particularly proud of their traditionally grown coffees. The home-made rum is appreciated all over the world for its quality and strength.

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A small town with a wide variety of culinary delights

The city of Viñales consists of a few cozy streets, a small market and a small church. During the day, the city is quiet and peaceful. In the evening, the alleys turn into one big restaurant. The smells and exotic taste of the food attract visitors from all over the world. Be sure to try the Bistec do Cedro menu. This lightly salted piece of pork, seasoned with lime, garlic and onion, served with rice and beans, is highly appreciated by the locals. It is also worth mentioning the variant called Ropa Vieja. It is a long-cooked beef with tomato and orange juice. No pesticide is used in the production of vegetables and fruit on the entire island. All fruits are organically grown.

Happiness lies on the back of a horse. In Cuba for sure!

In the tropical valley, horseback rides are offered daily. Beginners are also welcome. The horses in the valley are well adapted and trained. The slow pace ensures appropriate relaxation for humans and animals. The beauty of nature can be particularly enjoyed in this way.

A visit to the Viñales Valley guarantees an enchanting nature journey with delicious taste sensations. Let yourself be fascinated!