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Mit der richtigen Vorbereitung entspannt in den Urlaub, Bild: gorillaimages / shutterstock

Long car journey: How travellers, luggage and car get to their destination safely

While tours at the holiday destination are a must for many families, the journey to the destination is rather hated. Frequent disputes and arduous routes quickly depress the mood in the travel group. To ensure that tempers do not heat up too much during the long route, drivers have to make some preparations.

Use maps and itineraries as a guide

Before the start of the journey, the exact destination must be clear. This refers not only to the location, but also to the exact location of the hotel or holiday home. When holidaying in the mountains , the exact routes to the accommodation are known in the best case. On the Internet and specialist shops you can find accurate maps of all kinds. Ideally, drivers mark the route on the map with highlighters and mentally determine the route to the destination. Alternative routes must also be kept in mind. It is not only an exact depiction of the road courses that is important. With a second city map, tourists can find their way around the respective holiday destination better and determine the position of the domicile. Caution is advised with navigation systems or apps. Although they also lead to the goal, they are not exclusively up to date. Therefore, a card should be taken with you as a backup. Especially when the cell phone battery is empty or the navigation system fails , they prove to be real rescuers in an emergency. Many atlases with the European road network are still available at petrol stations.

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Transporting luggage safely

The regulations for luggage transport are widely known. Fastening with straps, maximum weight and the like should be familiar to most people. Meanwhile, an underestimated option is to take a trailer for bulky items with you. Holidaymakers can buy a detachable towbar for simplified transport. As the name suggests, it can be attached to the rear of the car and connected to the desired trailer. Most users use them to transport bicycles. Canoes, heavy suitcases, paddles, diving equipment or skis can also be stored on a trailer. However, an additional electronic installation for the turn signal is indispensable. Compared to the permanent coupling, the decisive advantage of a detachable coupling lies in its flexibility. Since it can be unscrewed as needed, it does not affect the aesthetics of everyday life.

Make appointments and create a relaxed environment

Screaming children, tiredness, traffic jams: holiday trips to neighbouring European countries are nerve-wracking. A certain resilience – i.e. the ability to adapt and overcome crises – is indispensable for the person behind the wheel. Before the start of the journey , meditative exercises such as breathing techniques help to relax the mind. They are also suitable for breaks. A relaxing audiobook while driving contributes to a calmer atmosphere. At the same time, drivers must eliminate potential disruptive factors in order to concentrate sufficiently while driving. In concrete terms, this means that no music or movies that are too loud are played in the background. During the hot summer days, sunglasses must also be worn. Reflections on the road dazzle and increase the risk of accidents. It is advisable for families to establish a few rules of conduct before departure. For example, children could be motivated with a reward for good behavior. And a clever driver initially meets burgeoning disputes calmly. Usually a short breather is enough to calm the minds.

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