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Bei einer Sprachreise nach England sie Sprache noch sicherer beherrschen, Bild: Prostock-studio / shutterstock

Language trips to England – when the classroom is in London

For many people, the English language is gaining in importance in both their private and professional lives. However, learning them is not easy for everyone. After all, internalizing vocabulary and understanding grammar also has some pitfalls. So why not put your textbooks aside and go on a language holiday in England ?

The foundation is laid in the youth

The world is open to people today. In the meantime, it is possible to visit distant countries and foreign continents largely without restrictions. Thanks to ever-improving air and transport routes, the expansion of global tourism and steadily falling travel costs, the excursions are increasingly aimed at a young audience. No matter whether they are pupils, students or people who have just left the age of the teenager. A quick trip to England over the weekend is just as good as a class trip from school. This lays the foundation for future generations: they experience the motivation to get to know other cultures at an early age – and to learn the language used there.

More and more attractive for adults

But even the older target groups benefit from this development. They usually brush up on the basics of the English language at an advanced age – or learn it from scratch. For them, a flight to London, Liverpool or Manchester is often a little easier to organise. And if you are not afraid to talk to the locals on site, then just a few days in England can be enough to raise your own language understanding to a higher level. Especially since the pleasant can be combined with the useful here, after all, such an excursion can be used for sightseeing and getting to know society – after all, a language trip does not take place in the classroom.

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Travel alone to enjoy freedom

There are basically two options open to travellers for such tours. The first is an individual trip, which is undertaken alone, with friends or family, for example. The England drivers are on their own here: How they spend their days, in which hotels they stay and how much time they actually spend learning the language is up to them. The advantage of this alternative is certainly one’s own freedom. The disadvantage: Especially people who do not yet have a solid command of English can quickly get into trouble. Or they appreciate the convenience of not having to talk to the local people in the first place – which would be a bit of a shame on a language trip.

Benefit from organized tours

The second option is to book a professionally guided excursion. For him, the goal is not only to get to know the country and its people. Rather, the excursions are increasingly focused on tourist highlights in England where English is spoken. The aim is to consciously enable those present to deal with, hear and use language – and thus anchor it so firmly in the brain that it can still be used confidently even at later times. This works particularly well if the trip is accompanied by language teachers who always help with a suitable answer to questions and who are happy to give some urgently needed hints.

Better understanding through practical application

Of course, a trip to England can only lead to consolidating and expanding the language skills you already have. The learning of vocabulary and grammar – whether in self-study or in class – is certainly not on an equal footing with the trips. However, experience shows that many users make particularly good progress when they get out of the somewhat dreary way through the textbooks and can use the new language directly on site. Some things are better understood in practice than in theory. Other things are stored in the mind because they are linked to beautiful memories. The trip is therefore a useful addition to learning English.

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Beautiful destinations for a language trip to England

Most learners choose London – the metropolis can be reached quickly by plane, it offers numerous opportunities to pass the time and is therefore the ideal starting point for immersing themselves in the use of the language. Other major cities such as Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool cannot quite keep up. Here, however, it is possible to acquire special knowledge about certain periods of English history. Another advantage: The slightly different dialects can develop into a real challenge for the learners – but it is worth mastering. In addition, Scotland and Ireland can be considered for a day trip. Enough opportunities to internalize the country, its people, the local culture and, of course, the English language.