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Kategorie – Nicaragua

Nicaragua, the land of volcanoes, lakes and pristine beaches, awaits travelers with a wealth of natural beauty and cultural treasures.

The colonial city of Granada enchants with its colorful buildings and charming alleys.

Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua offers unique opportunities for hiking and exploring.

The Concepción Volcano and the Maderas Volcano are challenges for the adventurous.

The Pacific coast and the Caribbean coast beckon with laid-back beach towns and surf spots.

Nicaragua prides itself on its vibrant culture, which is expressed in music, dance, and art.

The warm hospitality of the locals makes Nicaragua a welcoming destination.

Discover this emerging country in Central America and experience the unspoiled beauty and diversity of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua – Holidays in the Land of a Thousand Volcanoes

Central American Nicaragua offers a wonderful destination for an unforgettable vacation. Because of its numerous active volcanoes, the country is also known as the “Land of a Thousand Volcanoes”. Nicaragua is suitable for both a relaxing wellness holiday and a lively active holiday. A wealth of leisure activities is available for visitors. In addition...