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Kosovo, an up-and-coming country in southeastern Europe, attracts travelers with its rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality.

The capital, Pristina, is a melting pot of cultures and offers an exciting urban experience.

Kosovo’s nature includes majestic mountains, picturesque lakes, and historical sites such as the Visoki Dečani Monastery.

The cities of Prizren and Gjakova are rich in history and culture, with well-preserved Ottoman buildings and traditional handicrafts.

Kosovar cuisine is delicious and features dishes such as Flija, Flia and Qebapa.

The hospitality of the people of Kosovo is warm and authentic, and you will feel welcome in the family atmosphere of the country.

Kosovo is a country of diversity and culture, a place where tradition and modernity merge. It is a destination for explorers who want to explore the treasures of this emerging country.

A visit to Europe’s youngest state: magical Kosovo

Kosovo, which became independent from Serbia in 2008, is the youngest state in Europe. In contrast to other so-called Western Balkan countries such as Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo is not necessarily a well-known holiday destination. But that was about to change, as there are fabulously beautiful natural landscapes and traditional...