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Georgia, a fascinating country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is a true gem for travelers seeking history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes.

The capital Tbilisi impresses with its old town, lively markets and a fascinating mix of old and new.

The Caucasian nature of Georgia includes majestic mountains, breathtaking canyons, and the Black Sea.

Historic cities such as Mtskheta and Sighnaghi bear witness to a rich past.

Georgian cuisine is delicious, offering dishes such as khachapuri and khinkali, as well as the famous Georgian wine.

The hospitality of Georgians is legendary, and you will experience the warmth of the people in this diverse country.

Georgia is a country of contrasts, where history and nature merge in perfect harmony. It is a destination for explorers who want to explore the treasures of this fascinating country.

Tbilisi – The thriving capital of Georgia

Whether Tbilisi or Tbilisi, as it is called in Georgian – the capital of Georgia has become an increasingly popular destination in recent years. And for good reasons! The city, which was located on the Silk Road at the time, is considered the gateway to the Caucasus. It inspires visitors with its multicultural architectural style and a wide range of gastronomic...

Georgia – The diverse country in the Caucasus

Jörg Martin Dauscher has already visited many interesting countries in his life. Destinations that may not be at the top of everyone’s wish list. With his backpack, he undertook interesting tours through Macedonia, Albania and Ukraine, among other places. He was also repeatedly drawn to Georgia. He has now written down how multifaceted and diverse the country...

Hiking paradise Georgia: Camping & Trekking in the Caucasus

Georgia is love for me at first, second and also at every further sight. The country in the Caucasus has made it very far into my heart. On the one hand, this is due to the hospitable locals and the delicious Georgian cuisine – but above all to the outstanding and diverse landscapes. I am particularly fond of the mountains in Georgia. They are beautiful, some...

Gudauri – popular ski resort in the Caucasus Mountains

Gudauri is the largest and one of the most popular ski resorts in Georgia. It is located in the Caucasus Mountains between Europe and Asia, 120 km northwest of the capital Tbilisi and about 600 km from the former Olympic city of Sochi. The resort is the highest settlement on the Georgian military road at an altitude of 2,000 m. The season in Gudauri starts in early...