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Kategorie – Belarus

Belarus, also known as Belarus, is a country full of surprising beauty, rich culture, and fascinating history.

The capital Minsk impresses with modern architecture, lively parks and historical monuments.

The untouched nature stretches over large parts of the country, from the Pripyat swamps to the forests of Belavezhskaya Pushcha.

Historic cities such as Brest and Grodno offer insights into the country’s turbulent past.

Belarus’s rich folklore and culinary traditions, including the famous potato pierogi, are a treat for every palate.

The hospitality of the people and the authenticity of the country make Belarus an up-and-coming destination in Eastern Europe.

The Belarusian capital Minsk: an uncut diamond

Appeal to Minsk as a holiday destination? Anyone who says such things is quickly faced with a persistent frown. Because in our latitudes, the capital of Belarus is not necessarily one of the top destinations for a city trip. But the city has a lot to offer. It is bursting not only with lofty buildings, but also with culture and a good dose of post-communism. Freedom...