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Qatar, a small country on the Arabian Peninsula, is an impressive example of the seamless transition from tradition to modernity. This up-and-coming destination, whose capital Doha is growing into a futuristic metropolis, offers a rich culture, luxurious amenities and stunning desert landscapes.

Doha’s skyline, dotted with skyscrapers and architectural masterpieces such as the Museum of Islamic Art and the National Museum of Qatar, is a symbol of the country’s transformation. The cultural scene is vibrant, and you can explore traditional souks selling spices, jewelry, and handicrafts.

The desert of Qatar, with its endless sand dunes, is a paradise for adventurers. Here you can go on camel safaris, try sandboarding or enjoy the silence of the desert.

Qatar has also established itself as a prime destination for luxury travel. The numerous 5-star hotels offer first-class accommodation and first-class service. The cuisine of Qatar is diverse and reflects the influences of the region.

Qatari culture and hospitality are remarkable. A visit to the Bedouins or experiencing traditional dances and music are unforgettable experiences.

Qatar is an up-and-coming destination that proudly showcases its unique blend of modernity and tradition. It’s a country that has something to offer for history buffs, adventurers, and luxury travelers alike. Qatar is a pearl in the desert waiting to be discovered.

Qatar and the capital Doha

The Emirate of Qatar is likely to have become a household name for most people, especially through the many discussions surrounding the 2022 World Cup. While the country itself can hardly be found on a map – actually it is only a small tip of the Arabian Peninsula – the emirate has developed into a global player in recent years. This can be seen not only...