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Macau, a small peninsula on the southern coast of China, is a fascinating destination that combines history, culture and gambling in a unique mix. This former Portuguese colony, which is now a special administrative region of China, has become one of the world’s largest gambling markets without losing its rich historical identity.

Macau’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, impresses with well-preserved Portuguese colonial buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, and charming squares. Here you can visit the St. Paul’s ruins and the beautiful Senado Square.

Macau is also known as the “Las Vegas of the East” as it is home to an impressive number of luxury casinos and resort complexes. The Cotai Strip is at the heart of the gambling scene, where world-famous casinos such as the Venetian and the City of Dreams offer impressive entertainment.

Macau’s culinary scene is another highlight. Try the unique Macanese cuisine, which is a mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences. Popular dishes include “Bacalhau à Bras” and “Minchi”.

Away from the hustle and bustle, the verdant hills and beaches of Coloane and Taipa offer a welcome escape. Here you can hike, cycle and relax in nature.

Macau is a place where tradition and modernity, history and gambling merge in a unique way. It is a destination that is equally exciting for culture and gambling lovers, offering a fascinating mix of experiences.

Macau is a city of casino games

Politically, Macau, formerly a Portuguese colony, is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China and there is indeed a lot special in the urban area. The city is known for its lush casino worlds, which are oriented towards Las Vegas and can now hold a candle to the desert city in the USA. UNESCO has already listed Macau as a World Heritage...

Macau – the glittering world of happiness and ponds with lotus flowers

For centuries, red, yellow and green were the dominant colors of Macau. They were the symbols of Portugal and they flew as flags in its enclave on China’s doorstep. But at the midnight hour between the 19. and On December 20, 1999, yellow and green disappeared from the cityscape on the Pearl River because Macau was reunited with China . And in their place came...

Experience Macau up close: The best sights

For over 400 years, the former Portuguese colony of Macau has shared its semi-autonomous status with Hong Kong, but has its own laid-back charm. The region’s unique Eurasian heritage is evident in many areas: local cuisine (often referred to as one of the earliest fusion cuisines in the world), architecture, customs, and language. And Macau’s historic...