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How does FinTech help in everyday life?

Technology makes the latest financial services more accessible to consumers and businesses, simplifying processes and providing better solutions.

FinTech’s contribution to our everyday lives offers us numerous advantages over traditional financial services. FinTech companies operate in areas that help manage and organize the economic activities of companies and individuals by simplifying processes. Their features include:

  • Payments and transfers
  • Settlements and Clearing
  • Loan
  • Deposits
  • Investment management
  • Financing
  • Consultation

Innovation for the sector

These services have transformed traditional workflows by eliminating the “face-to-face” factor; you no longer have to drive to the office, which makes the processes much easier and more convenient. There are some start-up companies that offer FinTech services exclusively, and traditional companies that only offer certain FinTech services. This new industry is already enabling partnerships between FinTech and banks and creating new allies.

FinTech technology is also present in a number of financial sectors:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Big data
  • Compliance Management
  • Crowdfunding
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Foreign exchange market
  • Risk management
  • Insurances
  • Social Trading

The success of FinTech is possible because they have changed systems – they are more than just a payment platform. The speed, ease of access, convenience, transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no paperwork, without leaving home, and the reliability that technology offers in transactions from any device have managed to improve the customer experience.

Advanced tools and examples

FinTech companies offer agile processes because they have a flexible structure with no intermediary effort and low costs. Security is another factor to consider when hiring such a company. It is important to check whether the company meets all legal requirements and approvals for the provision of these services.

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NAGA is an example of one of the most innovative and reliable FinTech companies that allows us to trade and invest with confidence, as it scrupulously complies with the security regulations and legal guarantees that are also available to us on its website.

NAGA is an online broker based in Germany that is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange . Among the many services offered is the possibility of e-commerce in various markets. To this end, it offers various financial products in which investments can be made online.

As an innovative company in financial technology, NAGA Group has developed an app for iOs and Android with more than 1000 assets, allowing you to invest in forex trading, cryptocurrencies, stocks, gold, oil and much more. It also offers within its social trading platform the ability to copy the strategies of the most experienced traders with copy trading. In this way, NAGA is a FinTech that makes investment trading easier for less experienced traders.

New benefits

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Communication between users distinguishes NAGA Trade from other brokers; this new concept makes it possible to learn how to invest and trade on platforms that can cover all kinds of services of daily use. There is even the service of an unlimited demo account, which can be converted from a demo account to an active trading account at any time; or you can even manage both accounts at the same time.

Everyday solutions, transparency, efficiency, immediacy and analysis are some of the benefits most appreciated by consumers. They see the technological development of FinTech as a way to achieve financial inclusion, as they provide their users with services and products to improve the quality of life. The trends suggest that there will be numerous technological options with applications for financial management in the future, which will further drive the growth of FinTech.