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Schon beim Flughafentransfer entspannt ind en Urlaub starten, Bild: Minerva Studio / shutterstock

Convenient and cheap – these are the advantages of an airport transfer

A holiday or business trip should be relaxed and stress-free. But this does not always work, because the journey to the airport and to the destination degenerates into stress for many travellers. For example, the fear that they will not get to the plane on time by train or their own vehicle, have to search for a long time for a parking space or constantly get lost at their destination despite the navigation system clouds some holiday joy. An airport transfer takes this worry away from travelers and takes them to the airport or hotel on time and comfortably. Thanks to fixed prices, pre-arranged routes, and personalized attention for seniors, families with young children, and people with physical or mental disabilities, airport transfer services are a reliable and affordable alternative to public transportation and taxis. This article shows the advantages of using an airport transfer over buses, trains and your own car. In any case, plan your airport transfer early to avoid any stress.

Saving on high parking fees

Long-term parking spaces at large international airports in particular can put a considerable strain on the budget, especially on longer trips. In addition, the parking systems at airports are often complicated, which means enormous stress for travelers in addition to high costs. Airport transfer providers, on the other hand, take passengers directly to the terminal at transparent and fixed prices. In addition, there is no need to worry about your own car, because it is safe in the garage at home. There is also no need to lug heavy luggage from the car park to the terminal, which is a great relief, especially for business travellers and families with children.

Even those who otherwise rely on public transport save money by using an airport transfer, because the ticket prices of bus and Babn are very high, especially for families and groups.

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Comfortable and stress-free travel

The traveler will be picked up directly from their location and taken to the terminal and vice versa. He doesn’t have to look for a parking space or hope that buses and trains will be on time. This means less stress and a huge time saving. He sits down in a high-quality and clean car, in which he finds plenty of space and comfortable seats. Navigation through the often hectic traffic is taken over by the professional driver. This makes the journey stress-free and relaxed, and the passenger can relax or prepare for their business meeting. This is especially an advantage when traveling to a different time zone, where jet lag will occur at some point.

The drivers on private airport transfer services are licensed and extensively trained, so travelers can feel safe.


Airport transfer providers offer flexible booking options, which allow them to adapt to changes in the flight schedule, for example. In addition, special needs of passengers are taken into account, such as a child seat or barrier-free boarding options. Some services offer customized routes and travel times that can be tailored to customers’ travel plans. The drivers also always know alternative routes if there is a risk that traffic jams or construction sites on the agreed route will prevent a punctual arrival at the airport,

Airport transfer services also keep a constant eye on flight status. In this way, they can adjust their schedule accordingly in the event of flight delays so that the traveler can still be picked up on time.

Local knowledge

Before holidaymakers or business travellers struggle through traffic with a rental car in a foreign city or country, they should opt for an airport transfer, because the drivers know their way around the area. They not only bring their passengers safely to their destination, but also give recommendations for the trip, such as which sights are worth a visit or which restaurants the travelers can eat well in.

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All the advantages of airport transfers at a glance

  1. Comfort and convenience: An airport transfer takes away the worry of having to look for transportation after you arrive at the airport. You have already booked a vehicle waiting for you in advance, which is very pleasant, especially after a long flight. You don’t have to deal with public transport or finding a taxi.
  2. Time saving: By booking an airport transfer in advance, you can plan your travel time more efficiently. You’ll avoid waiting for taxis or public transport and arrive at your destination faster.
  3. Fixed: Many airport transfer services offer fixed prices, which means that you know exactly how much the service costs without having to worry about additional fees due to traffic delays or distance.
  4. Safety: A reliable airport transfer service provides professional drivers who are familiar with the local geography and know the safest and most efficient routes. For travelers who are unfamiliar with the local transportation system or arriving in a foreign city, this provides additional peace of mind.
  5. No parking worries: If you drive to the airport with your own vehicle, you will have to look for a parking space, which will cause additional time and costs. With an airport transfer, these worries are completely eliminated.
  6. Groups: For groups or families, an airport transfer can be especially convenient, as you can book a vehicle large enough for all travelers and their luggage, which makes coordination much easier.
  7. Flexibility: Many airport transfer services offer some flexibility in terms of schedule changes or cancellations, which can be especially useful if your travel plans are uncertain.
  8. Comfortable travel conditions: Unlike public transport, where space is often limited and you have to carry your luggage yourself, airport transfers usually offer spacious vehicles with enough space for you and your luggage.


The use of private airport transfer services brings a lot of advantages to business and private travelers. They are convenient, efficient and cost-saving. It is the ideal option for those who want to get to the airport or their destination on time and safely.